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Hacker and activist Jeremy Hammond in court

hammond3From The Daily Dot

On his 355th day in custody awaiting a “speedy trial” as guaranteed by law, alleged LulzSec hacker and lifelong activist Jeremy Hammond had his second week in solitary confinement interrupted by yet another pretrial hearing.

The 27-year-old anarchist is in custody pending trial for his alleged involvement in hacking the private intelligence contractor Stratfor, releasing more than 5 million emails to WikiLeaks, which rebranded them “The GI Files” and has been making news with them ever since.

LulzSec was a hacking crew that broke away from the main body of Anonymous, impatient with the slow, messy decision-making process of a hydra-headed hive mind. They were looking for action, for impact, and for a time, they found it. And then the Feds found them. (more…)

Send Birthday Cards To Anarchist Hacker Jeremy Hammond

hammond!Anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond is turning 28 on January 8th! A genuinely conscious web developer, Jeremy Hammond is accused of using his computer savvy to attack conservative groups and State operators. He is being charged with providing Wikileaks the documents for their latest Stratfor release. Please send him a birthday card this month! Unfortunately, We found out it was his birthday too late to include it in our January Birthday Poster. So please include him in your card writing nights.

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The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State

hammond3As a devastating series of cyberattacks struck the heart of the national-security establishment, the Feds set out to destroy the legendary hacker and radical anarchist by any means necessary

By Janet Reitman

On a cold day in mid-December 2011, a hacker known as “sup_g” sat alone at his computer – invisible, or so he believed. He’d been working on the target for hours, long after the rest of his crew had logged off: an epic hack, the “digital equivalent of a nuclear bomb,” as it later would be described, on the servers of a Texas-based intelligence contractor called Strategic Forecasting Inc. Stratfor served as a sort of private CIA, monitoring developments in political hot spots around the world and supplying analysis to the U.S. security establishment. (more…)

Anonymous hacker behind Stratfor attack faces life in prison

From Russia Today

A pretrial hearing in the case against accused LulzSec hacker Jeremy Hammond this week ended with the 27-year-old Chicago man being told he could be sentenced to life in prison for compromising the computers of Stratfor.

Judge Loretta Preska told Hammond in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday that he could be sentenced to serve anywhere from 360 months-to-life if convicted on all charges relating to last year’s hack of Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, a global intelligence company whose servers were infiltrated by an offshoot of the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

Hammond is not likely to take the stand until next year, but so far has been imprisoned for eight months without trial. Legal proceedings in the case might soon be called into question, however, after it’s been revealed that Judge Preska’s husband was a victim of the Stratfor hack. (more…)