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Urgent Support Needed for family of youth murdered by Denver cops!

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On July 2, 2014 20 year old Ryan Ronquillo was repeatedly shot by Denver Police in the parking lot of the Romero Family Funeral Home in Northwest Denver during a funeral service.

While attending a friend’s funeral service, Ryan stepped out to decompress and sit in his parked car. Police stormed the area, speeding several unmarked cars into the parking lot. In a matter of seconds, Ryan was dead, shot nearly a dozen times by multiple officers.

Police allege that they were in the process of serving a warrant for “auto-theft and other felonies”, and that Ryan “started to back the car in the direction of officers”. Statements from witnesses are at odds with the police statements. Witnesses at the scene describe a horrific chaotic mess. Many in attendance did not even know who the individuals shooting at Ryan were, let alone that they were even police officers.

Other witnesses claim that Ryan was left to die, choking on his own blood, as police denied medical help at the scene and instead waited for paramedics to arrive before any aid was administered. (more…)