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To Change Everything: Final Countdown

paracambiartodoFrom Crimethinc. via Kickstarter

The final hours of our fundraising campaign for To Change Everything are upon us. This is your last chance to help us get this project off the ground.

Since our last announcement, we’ve confirmed translations in several more languages and arranged a separate printing of the English version for the UK and Europe. Programmers from Oregon to São Paulo are coding the websites; collectives from Russia to Maharlika (the so-called Philippines) are finalizing their versions of the video and text. This project is going to be even more ambitious than we’d originally planned, spanning twenty groups in as many countries.

On our end of the organizing, the missing piece is that we have not yet raised enough money to produce a full-quality Spanish version for North America. We hope that in the remaining hours, enough last-minute donations will come in for us to finance this.

Thanks so much to all of you for making this project possible. If you’ve already donated, or can’t afford to, please just pass on word of this to others. We’ll be excited to put this at your disposal shortly!

Final Stretch Goal: Total Liberation


2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference fundraising effort

Give Money! Abolish Prisons!Dear friends and comrades!

The 2014 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference is a mere three months away and we have a long way to go before reaching our fundraising goal!  In an effort to really kickstart the final fundraising push, we are asking for your help in raising $2000 by midnight on June 22nd!  This money will help us cover the cost of the space for the conference.  OR it will help us cover airfare to fly in comrades from across the continent to join us in Denver.  OR it will help us cover the cost of food for the
weekend.  You get the picture…

For the last three years, our international conference has brought together dozens of people from all over North America who are involved in the struggle to support, act in solidarity with, and free our comrades. Rarely is there a time when we are all in the same space—sharing our ideas and energy, strategizing, building networks, and creating new projects to strengthen our struggles and movements. The conference has also been a time for intergenerational, cross-movement dialogue—a time to learn from the past and look to the future.

When you donate to the conference, your money is essentially seed money for the beginning stages of exciting new projects and the revitalization of old ones.  It is a contribution to the future of our movements and to the freedom of our imprisoned comrades.

But just in case you need more of an incentive…  we would like to offer gifts for money donated! (more…)