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Prisoners at Foothills Show Support For Central Prison Strikers

Three inmates in Foothills Prison recently expressed their support in writing for the “Strong 8,” eight prisoners who work in kitchens at Central Prison and were recently sentenced to I-Con (solitary) for their participation in a brief sit-down strike in December.

They declare,

“To whom this may concern,

I am writing in support for the working inmates whom exercised their constitutional right, in December 2011, of peaceful assembly. However, these workers have been unlawfully placed on Intensive Control Status.

This punishment is NOT only constitutionally wrong, but morally wrong due to the requests for better work wages and gain time issues. This letter is a modest request to have these working inmates punishment overturned and that they be released from segregation to regular population. I support the exercise of constitutional rights!


Karon Moses

Adrian “Hakim” Jordan

Dakarai McGowan

A Message for Unity: Hunger Striker Speaks Out on Prisoner Unity

(The following was written by one of the hunger strikers at Foothills, as a general message to folks on both sides of the wall across the US. Feel free to spread this far and wide to prisoners and prisoners’ family members across the country. Please repost this!)

As you and I speak, walk, sleep, eat and everything else we are busy doing, the establishment is busy stuffing slave cages with 2.3 million people in the US – almost 2.4 million. The vast majority are black and brown lower-class “citizens,” many of which have formed subcultures as street tribes. Almost all of these tribes originally began with the purpose of uplifting and serving their communities, and fighting the oppression they have been receiving since the Europeans came to this continent.

Somehow, this original purpose of existence has faded to the rearview and become obsolete. The confusing part about it is that the majority of the street tribes do not have a clue how or why it has happened. It is this ignorance to our history that has us doing what we are doing now: fratricidal suicide (with warfare between each other), killing over material things and property we don’t own, and most of all, oppressing and destroying ourselves. These effects need clarity and explanations on the causes. I will try to do so in a concise manner while trying to give a full understanding of our history. (more…)

Update on the Foothills Prison Hunger Strike

(The following was submitted Thursday, February 23rd from one of the strikers)

On February 1st, 2012, comrades began an indefinite hunger strike here at Foothills CI in demand of full portions and adequate food. This was a modest demand given the number of other things that were occurring at the time. A few days after the initial strike began, another small amount of strikers joined in solidarity. There was no leader of these strikes, making it difficult for prison officials to target the head. (more…)

Hunger Strike Resumes at Foothills Prison

From Anarchist News

As of February 2nd, prisoners at Foothills Prison in Morganton, NC are once again out on hunger strike. It is not yet clear how many are participating, but it is confirmed that prisoners from at least two different wings are involved. This is the second hunger strike since December, in response to a series of demands and grievances that still have not been met. Writes one hunger striker, “The conditions of this facility are detrimental to our physical health and well being. We have grieved and complained to no avail. We have no choice but to go on a hunger strike and demand change.” (more…)