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FBI Can Remotely Activate Cell Phones, Laptop Microphones and More

fbifrom Banoosh

A new report reveals that the FBI directly employs multiple hackers who create custom surveillance software for the bureau, some of which is capable of remotely activating the microphones on cell phones and laptops, among other features.

The FBI is known for using technology shrouded in secrecy, some of which is based on legal grounds which have been questioned by critics with some maintaining that the FBI deceived judges in deploying it.

Malicious software, or malware, aimed at enabling government surveillance has also been heavily marketed directly to the US government.

It’s also important to note that the US government is now the world’s largest buyer of malware.


Seattle FBI now targeting climate activists

fbiFrom Committee Against Political Repression

In the past 48 hours at least six Seattle climate activists have been approached by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at their home or school. In light of recent revelations about the extent of state surveillance by federal agencies we feel it is important to share this information with the broader activist community in Seattle and nationwide.

Please show solidarity with the Seattle activists facing this investigation by sharing this statement. We will provide updates if the situation escalates.

FBI Billboards not about Assata Shakur, it is about politically repressing the Black community

assataFrom Black Talk Radio Network

By Scotty Reid
Following the ludicrous announcement that the Obama administration has placed Assata Shakur on its “most wanted terrorist list”, the FBI has erected billboards in Newark, New Jersey announcing its recently increased $2 million dollar reward. However, any critically thinking person knows that these billboards are not about capturing Assata Shakur but sending a message to the rest of us. Interestingly, perhaps just a coincidence or not, Newark, New Jersey is the place where a theater co-owned by Shaquille O’Neil, recently reneged on an agreement to show a popular independent film about the life of another former member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Is Assata Shakur in New Jersey? No, she is not and the FBI and the Obama administration know exactly where she is, in Cuba where she has lived since being granted political asylum by its government in 1979 after escaping from prison. This is not about Assata Shakur, it is about sending a message to the Black community and those that live within it who stand up to police violence, oppression and murder of residents, one of the very reasons for the formation of the Black Panthers. It is about the political repression of those who advocate on the behalf of the many political prisons being held by the United States government often in torturous conditions. It is about sending a message to anyone who would take up arms in defense of life, liberty and true freedom in a country that is home to the largest prison population in the world which the federal government and various corporations use as slave labor. It is about sending a message to those that would dare stand up and point out that the US government is the most violent entity on the planet and one that commits acts of terrorism against non-white people and nations on behalf of maintaining the American imperialist status-quo. (more…)

Judge Rules Secret FBI Letters Unconstitutional

fbi(AP)SAN FRANCISCO— They’re called national security letters and the FBI issues thousands of them a year to banks, phone companies and other businesses demanding customer information. They’re sent without judicial review and recipients are barred from disclosing them.

On Friday, a federal judge in San Francisco declared the letters unconstitutional, saying the secretive demands for customer data violate the First Amendment.

The government has failed to show that the letters and the blanket non-disclosure policy “serve the compelling need of national security,” and the gag order creates “too large a danger that speech is being unnecessarily restricted,” U.S. District Judge Susan Illston wrote. (more…)

Attorney Claims FBI Violated FOIA in Marie Mason’s Case

masonBy Ryan Abbott,

WASHINGTON (CN) – An attorney whose client is serving 22 years for destroying private property claims the FBI denied her FOIA request, to cover up the government’s “Green Scare” program, meant to chill the speech rights of environmental activists.
     New York City attorney Susan Tipograph sued the Department of Justice in Federal Court, seeking records on her client, imprisoned activist Marie Mason.
     “The draconian sentencing of Marie Mason to nearly 22 years in federal prison has undoubtedly chilled the free speech practices of other animal rights and environmental activists,” Tipograph says in the complaint. (more…)

Never Forget, The F.B.I. Routinely Assassinated American Citizens…

From US Prison Culture

It’s worth remembering given how much the F.B.I. has been in the news this week regarding the Petraeus sex scandal that the organization used to routinely assassinate American citizens…

On Saturday, I led a bus tour in partnership with my friend Mia Henry of Freedom Lifted, LLC. One of our stops was the People’s Law Office where we were privileged to spend time listening to the great Flint Taylor. Flint shared his recollections of Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton and also gave us some history about the Chicago Police Torture cases. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from Flint. This visit was a timely one because in just a couple of weeks, it will be the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Fred Hampton. (more…)

Insane Clown Posse is Suing the FBI

From The Gawker

It’s been a little over a month since Insane Clown Posse, the Detroit-based horrorcore duo who’ve built a multi-platinum career out of rapping about butts, nuts, and sluts, publicly declared their intentionto sue the Federal Bureau of Investigation for labeling their fans a “loosely-organized hybrid gang.” Today, they began that bomb-ass super-fresh wig-flippin’ process.

Last October, the FBI’s annual National Gang Threat Assessment report classified Juggalos, ICP’s terrifically loyal fanbase best known for painting their faces like angry harlequins and spraying one another with sticky cola, “a criminal organization formed on the street” on par with the MS-13, Latin Kings, and the Aryan Brotherhood. (more…)

Bounty Hunters and Child Predators: Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy

From Crimethinc.

Over the past month, the FBI has initiated a spate of entrapment operationsdesigned to frame anarchists as “terrorists.” Significantly, they have not targeted longtime organizers, but rather people who are relatively peripheral to anarchist communities.

In response, we’ve prepared a pamphlet suitable for a wide readership explaining how this entrapment strategy works, and an analysis exploring why the FBI has adopted it. Please circulate these widely. (more…)

FBI Supplied the Anarchist “Terrorists” Arrested in May Day Plot

From Green Is The New Red

As the Occupy movement carries out massive May Day protests around the country, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task force is trumpeting the arrest of “self-proclaimed anarchists” and “terrorists” who allegedly conspired to destroy a bridge in Ohio. Integral to the development and advancement of this plot, however, were FBI agents themselves and an informant with a drug and robbery record.

Douglas L. Wright, 26; Brandon L. Baxter, 20; and Anthony Hayne, 35, Connor C. Stevens, 20, and Joshua S. Stafford, 23, were arrested by the FBI on April 30, just in time to make the announcement as the nation turns its attention to May Day protests.

The affidavit reveals a plot by the FBI that continues a pattern of behavior in “terrorism” investigations against political activists. Most importantly, undercover FBI agents helped shape the “plot,” offered advice on how and where to use explosives, and allegedly sold explosives to the activists. (more…)