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SpiritHouse NC presents: Collective Sun- reshape the mo(u)rning

Friday, February 24th at The Hayti Heritage Center 804 Old Fayetteville Street  Durham NC, Doors Open At 6pm, Show starts at 7pm $10  Tickets available online here.

“Rebellious kisses wake we children of the sun dancing fire freedom blooming red.”

Collective Sun is an intergenerational body of work exploring the impact prison and policing has on our bodies, our families and our communities.

Part performance, part art exhibit, and part audio installation. Collective Sun shares stories of resilience and hope, and reminds us to love one another until we can all be whole.

Through Collective Sun, families of color gain a voice to proactively address the impact of the prison industrial complex, creating a platform where art and culture become the means for solution-oriented, civic engagement in local/regional political actions.

Pack The Courtroom this Monday, Jan. 30th!

All the folks who were arrested at the Yates Building occupation have court this coming Monday, Jan 30th at 9am. Come out to the Hillsborough Courthouse to show your support for them and to take a stand against the police raid.

The DA’s office wants to close the court cases on Monday. They want to quiet the outraged voices that have come from so many different corners of our communities. Come out and show them that we won’t be intimidated, that we will fight the city government’s attempts to suppress political speech and action. Come out and show them that no matter what happens in the courtroom, we won’t stop organizing against the violent police–we won’t stop organizing for community control.

For autonomy and dignity.