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Political prisoner Coyote Sheff is scheduled release Nov 8th!

coyotesheff2From Portland Anarchist Black Cross

It is a time to celebrate!!!Comrade Coyote Sheff is scheduled to be released from Ely State Penitentiary on November 8th, 2013. He has some good time coming to him, so he may be released sooner than that. He will not be paroled and will have done all his time so he will not be a continued ward of the state. As you may know Coyote has been organizing the Ely Prison chapter of ABC and have plans to continue organizing upon his release, in Olympia WA. He is planning on moving there with his mother and would like to continue his work with writing, educating and organizing. As you know this transition is going to be challenging for him, as he has spent most of his adult life behind enemy lines, and the last three of those years in solitary, a direct punishment for his radical organizing. (more…)