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Prisoners at Foothills Show Support For Central Prison Strikers

Three inmates in Foothills Prison recently expressed their support in writing for the “Strong 8,” eight prisoners who work in kitchens at Central Prison and were recently sentenced to I-Con (solitary) for their participation in a brief sit-down strike in December.

They declare,

“To whom this may concern,

I am writing in support for the working inmates whom exercised their constitutional right, in December 2011, of peaceful assembly. However, these workers have been unlawfully placed on Intensive Control Status.

This punishment is NOT only constitutionally wrong, but morally wrong due to the requests for better work wages and gain time issues. This letter is a modest request to have these working inmates punishment overturned and that they be released from segregation to regular population. I support the exercise of constitutional rights!


Karon Moses

Adrian “Hakim” Jordan

Dakarai McGowan

Call-In Day This Wednesday! Support Striking Raleigh Prisoners!

Hello friends and comrades,

This Wednesday there is a national call in day to the warden of Central Prison in Raleigh and also the NC Director of Prisons about there cruel and unusual treatment of 8 prisoners who engaged in a sit down strike against atrocious working conditions. Their numbers as well as a script for some talking points are below. Pressure campaigns like this let the people in charge of prisons know that their indifference and cruelty are not invisible and they can’t destroy people with impunity. Your call will make a difference.

For more details and background on the case please go here.

“Hi My name is ____ and I’m calling to express deep concern about the treatment of 8 prisoners sentenced to I-Con for their role in a peaceful sit-down strike in the kitchen at Central Prison in Raleigh on December 16th.

These prisoners were expressing their deep frustration at the forced, long hours of their work; rather than even acknowledge their grievance, they were threatened with violence and are now effectively in solitary.

It is absolutely unacceptable to use solitary confinement or segregation as a form of political intimidation. I demand that you free these 8 prisoners back into general population, and address their labor grievances immediately, and I’ll continue to support them and spread news of their struggle however possible.”

Central Prison Warden Ken Lassiter

ph:(919) 733- 0800

fax: (919) 715-2645

NC Director of Prisons Robert C. Lewis

ph: (919) 838-4000

fax: (919) 733-8272

Support Striking Raleigh Prisoners! Announcing Demo and Call-In Day

On December 16th, 15 prisoners working in the kitchens at Central Prison, in Raleigh, sat down on the job in protest of the hours, lack of gain time, and working conditions. Prisoners in these kitchens are made to work ten hours a day, seven days a week. The strikers refused to go back to work until questions were answered regarding their hours and gain time. Instead of addressing their concerns, the head kitchen corrections officer told the men to, “get [their] sorry asses back to work,” and called in for backup. This is the same facility where a scandalous media report on conditions in the mental health ward forced Warden Branker into early retirement. (more…)

Central Prison Kitchen Workers Sit Down to Protest Hours, Gain Time

On December 16th, 2011, sixteen prisoners who work in the kitchen at Central Prison in Raleigh sat down on their shift. The prisoners, who are forced to work seven days a week, ten hours a day, with no breaks, refused to continue to work until receiving answers to concerns regarding hours and gain time.

An administrator in charge of the kitchen refused to address their concerns and ordered the men to, “Get their sorry asses back to work.” After that, eight guards came in, threatening the use of force. Eight of the prisoners stood strong, and were immediately locked up. (more…)