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Another Huge Book Donation From World Book Night!

wbn2013We are thrilled to announce that for the second year in a row World Book Night has donated hundreds of copies of some of our favorite books.  The books come from their 2013 selection, which include The Handmaid’s TaleFahrenheit 451, The Alchemist, Good Omens, and many more. We are so excited to send these out far and wide, and wanted to share the excitement with all of y’all. So, join your nerdy comrades at the Prison Books Collective on Sundays to help us stay on top of our backlog.

We at the Prison Books Collective are delighted to put these books into the hands of prisoners. We will continue to put great works of fiction into the hands of prisoners, as well as provide quality resources to help enable prisoners to self-educate, self-organize, and challenge the roots of their conditions. If you’re able, please consider helping us by becoming a monthly sustainer of our work or making a one-time donation. Your generosity not only feeds our work, it is a part of it. Pooling resources is resistance in action.

VICTORY: The book ban has been lifted! Kevin ends hunger strike

books posterFrom Support Kevin & Tyler

The book ban has been lifted + Kevin ends hunger strike.

After 8 days on a hunger strike, jail head Michael Waterworth told Kevin Olliff he was lifting the book ban. This huge victory comes after Kevin lost close to 20 pounds over the 8 days. Kevin has now ended his hunger strike, effective immediately.

Thanks to everyone worldwide who made calls, wrote articles, and organized support during Kevin’s hunger strike. While it is always unfortunate when someone is pushed into starving themselves to receive a basic human right, we can say that from everyone’s hard work and Kevin’s sacrifice, this episode has a happy ending.

Kevin at his first meal in over a week at lunchtime on Thursday, and was given a book. He was told the books that have been sent during the book ban will be given to him by the end of the day. (more…)

Kevin Olliff is now on hunger strike

From Support Kevin & Tyler

Kevin Olliff is on hunger strike until the Woodford County Jail book ban is reversed.

It has been over 6 weeks since Michael Waterforth banned all books from entering the Woodford County Jail. The psychological toll of life in a cell without any way to pass the time has been nearly insufferable, as they are forced to waste away without even the most basic form of mental stimulation.

Today Kevin announced that he is prepared to go without food until the book ban is lifted. The hunger strike is effective as of midnight, Wednesday night.

What you can do (more…)

Tell Woodford County Jail to lift the book ban NOW

bannedbooks-200x200Editors note: Hours after their supporters posted Tyler’s and Kevin’s book wish lists, the jail announced a new rule: books are no longer allowed in the entire jail.

From Support Kevin & Tyler

For over a month now, Woodford County Jail has blocked books sent by family and friends from reaching inmates. This means that not only Kevin and Tyler, but every other inmate, has had zero access to new reading material sent from the outside—we don’t need to tell you that this is a serious violation of their First Amendment rights.

[Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not unprecedented. Read more here, here, and here.]

Grievances have been filed by Kevin, officials have been contacted by liaisons, and still there’s been no movement from Superintendent Mike Waterforth or Sheriff James Pierceall to lift this arbitrary ban.

SO START CALLING. Please contact the jail and (politely!) ask when the inmates will be allowed to start receiving books again. Let them know that you’re concerned about this infringement on free speech, and that you’ll continue to call to check back about the book ban.

Jail: 309-467-2116

Sheriff Pierceall: 309-467-2375 (more…)