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Reportback From All Hands On Deck Workday.

19 people showed up.

231 packages made.

And we took photos for this year’s holiday card that we include  in our winter packages and send out to all of the political prisoners in the US.

We’ve been 5 months behind since the move, but we are pleased to announce that our backlog has been reduced to 3 months behind. Thanks everyone who came out. At this rate we’ll catch up in no time.

On a related note, we are totally out of dictionaries now. If anybody would like to donate some, that would be great.

ALL HANDS ON DECK! The Prison Books Collective needs your help on Sunday, October 14th.

The Internationalist Prison Books Collective needs your help! The recent move has been a strain on our collective’s resources, and we’re now 4 months underwater on letters and book requests. All hands on deck for a special, fun, backlog clearing workday on Sunday, October 14th, 2012, starting at noon at the collective’s workspace at 621 Hillsborough Rd. in Carrboro. Clear your calendars, stay tuned to the Prison Books website for more details, and plan to be there to help us get back above water and send out books!

Have You Ever Read The Book Monster?

Greetings, We just received some good news, especially if you ever taught or read the book Monster by Sanyika Shakur.

Our comrade Sanyika Shakur author of the book “Monster” was recently released from Pelican Bay supermax in California and needs financial assistance. Please help if you can. Donations can be sent to Brad Greene, 55N. 5th Ave. #210, Tucson, AZ 85701aa

Dan Coleman’s Used Book Sale: This Saturday!

USED BOOK SALE THIS SATURDAY: Dan Coleman and his family are selling hundreds of books with 10% of proceeds donated to Internationalist Books. Many left political titles (often originally purchased at Internationalist), history, literature, contemporary fiction, lots of kids books, cookbooks, and miscellany. Also a selection of CDs, DVDs, and LPs.

Saturday June 9, 9am – noon, 106 Hanford Road (off Pathway Drive in Carrboro) rain or shine

Map link: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=106+Hanford+Road,+27516&hl=en&sll=35.935261,-79.011226&sspn=0.008322,0.013819&hnear=106+Hanford+Rd,+Carrboro,+North+Carolina+27510&t=m&z=16

Call 919-960-6720 with questions or directions