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Tell Woodford County Jail to lift the book ban NOW

bannedbooks-200x200Editors note: Hours after their supporters posted Tyler’s and Kevin’s book wish lists, the jail announced a new rule: books are no longer allowed in the entire jail.

From Support Kevin & Tyler

For over a month now, Woodford County Jail has blocked books sent by family and friends from reaching inmates. This means that not only Kevin and Tyler, but every other inmate, has had zero access to new reading material sent from the outside—we don’t need to tell you that this is a serious violation of their First Amendment rights.

[Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not unprecedented. Read more here, here, and here.]

Grievances have been filed by Kevin, officials have been contacted by liaisons, and still there’s been no movement from Superintendent Mike Waterforth or Sheriff James Pierceall to lift this arbitrary ban.

SO START CALLING. Please contact the jail and (politely!) ask when the inmates will be allowed to start receiving books again. Let them know that you’re concerned about this infringement on free speech, and that you’ll continue to call to check back about the book ban.

Jail: 309-467-2116

Sheriff Pierceall: 309-467-2375 (more…)