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A Report from Lanesboro CI


On 5/8/14 I was attacked by ten PERT staff, and while in the midst of defending myself I saw Lanesboro CI’s superintendent Mr. David Mitchell running towards me. So I struck him as well, resulting in knocking loose and chipping his tooth. This was my fourth violent confrontation with PERT in a six month timeframe. This is my second longterm stay on HCON/Supermax for seriously assaulting and injuring high-ranking prison officials, who were attempting to assault me. Some of the other atrocious acts being carried out under the directives of Superintendent Mitchell are policies such as the 48 hour minimum in full restraints for minor rule violations, the 72 hour minimum of deprivation of one’s mattress, bed linen, personal property, and hygiene products, racial profiling and slave-like attacks on Afrikan-Amerikan prisoners by all-white PERT goon squads, property damage or loss while in staff’s possession, no cleaning supplies, a new stat-approved STG SHU program that lasts for four years with no programs or beneficial outcome for the prisoners forced to remain in solitary confinement.

While at Lanesboro, we fought back when provoked or attacked, did a 91 prisoner hunger strike lasting seven days, filed grievances to prison officials in the State’s capital, all to no avail. Now, I am writing to inform the public of why recidivism is so high, why we’re entering society full of rage and hatred. We are enduring modern day slavery and torture at the hands of those entrusted with the responsibility to help rehabilitate us. This is the biggest hoax of all.

I’m preparing to file my own state tort and Federal 1983 civil suits against NC DPS prison officials and ask the supporters of the prison news bulletin to assist me in my efforts to obtain redress and remedy for State and Federal Constitutional violations of my rights. I also hope to have the names of at least 10 other prisoners who were seriously assaulted, injured, and hospitalized. We are looking to pursue a class action if legal representation can be found on a pro bono basis.

Last but not least, I am searching for supporters who would like to assist me and be a part of the Majestic Youth Foundation, a non profit whose aims are gang violence prevention and youth leadership. We are a group of young, self-rehabilitated brothers dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of NC’s hardest to reach youth through mentoring and outreach programs, direct services, and community collaboration. We are looking for the assistance of the NC community at large. We need to involve any and all volunteers, businesses, churches, school officials, organizations and community residents. We believe it takes the hood to save the hood. We are based in Durham and Greensboro. For further info, write to:

Jamaal D. Oglesby 0775767


PO Box 2500

Butner, NC 27509

Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care

selfcarepresentation and discussion:
Friday, January 10, 7 pm, Fellowship Hall, 719 North Mangum, Durham

Beyond Self-Care: The Subversive Potential of Care

In activist circles and beyond, it has become commonplace to speak of self-care, taking for granted that the meaning of this expression is self-evident. But “self” and “care” are not static or monolithic; nor is “health.” How has this discourse been colonized by capitalist values? Contributors to the recent zine Self as Other: Reflections on Self-Care will present on the political dimensions of care, illuminating how it can serve oppressive or revolutionary purposes. Taking the self as an object of political struggle, this discussion will ask how health and resistance are linked, and what forms of care might be be able to subvert systems of power.

Venue website:

The Secret Weapon in the Prison Phone Rate Fight? Families

Clyburn-thumb-640xauto-8845From Colorlines  /by Jamilah King 

Radio producer Nick Szuberla had an agenda when he moved from Toledo, Ohio, to Whitesburg, Ky. in the late 1990s. He wanted to bring attention to the country’s rapid prison expansion, a tide that was snatching up mostly poor people of color and dropping them into the middle of largely white rural communities. So he put himself in the heart of Appalachia, right between two federal penitentiaries, and he used the tool that he knew best: radio airwaves.

The radio show he created, called “Holler to the Hood,” became controversial in the working class white town. “We played hip-hop in a sea of country and bluegrass,” Szuberla remembers. But the target demographic—the thousands of incarcerated people of color from places as far away as the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, New Mexico and California and their families—were listening.

Soon, letters started to come in from inmates describing what Szuberla calls human rights abuses—prisoners wrote that they were being subdued with tasers and strapped down to tables for 72 hours for breaking rules. In the fall of 2001, to call attention to the abuses, Szuberla and his close group of activist allies organized a one-day action in which inmates’ families could call into the show to send holiday greetings to their incarcerated loved ones. (more…)

It Makes More Sense to Just Burn Down the Banks

bankofamericaburnby Adam Jung / Huffington Post

Before we get any further in this article I want to first say “Hello” to the NSA. So, What did you have for breakfast? Second, I should probably be clear that I’m not advocating burning anything, including a bank. However, objectively, I’m not sure why someone shouldn’t.

Yesterday a judge ruled that Jeff Olson, a 40 year old man from San Diego, California will face thirteen years for using washable children’s chalk outside three Bank of America branches to promote credit unions over large banks. In making his ruling, Judge Howard Shore, who I can only assume has the same disdain for the Constitution that I hold for broccoli, ruled that Olsen’s defense was prohibited from “mentioning the First Amendment, free speech, free expression, public forum, expressive conduct, or political speech during the trial.” To be clear, the judge outlawed citing the constitutional law that protects Olsen’s actions in defence of his actions.

The Bank of America, indicted so far in the LIBOR scandal, the SIOR scandal, and the robo-signing foreclosure scandal, is playing the victim, claiming it cost them $6,000 to clean the sidewalks of chalk. One assumes they cleaned the sidewalk of the offending speech with a sandblaster using diamonds. (more…)