How to Start a Prison Books Collective


This manual is designed to help the reader start and maintain a prison book program. The information is based on the years of experience of two collectives, Books Through Bars in Philadelphia and Prison Books Collective in Carrboro. It is not meant to be taken as an absolute, but as friendly advice when devising your own policies and procedures. The second person “you” is adopted only for grammatical convenience. It is assumed that several persons will be taking part in an organization‘s decision making and administration.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,

— Prison Books Collective

 Table of Contents:

I. The Raw Materials
II. The Finances
III. The Process
IV. Peripheral Details
V. Averting Disasters
VI. Appendices:

This manual is also available imposed for double-sided printing on 11×17 pages. Click here for the 2MB .pdf file