The Mythology of Work



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By Crimethinc.
This pamphlet is a selection from  Work, a 376-page analysis of contemporary capitalism produced by the CrimethInc. ex-Workers’ Collective. The pamphlet tears apart eight myths about work and productivity.
“What if nobody worked? Sweatshops would empty out and assembly lines would grind to a halt, at least the ones producing things no one would make voluntarily. Telemarketing would cease. Despicable individuals who only  hold sway over others because of wealth and title would have to learn better social skills. Traffic jams would come to an end; so would oil spills. Paper money and job applications would be used as fire starter as people reverted
to barter and sharing. Grass and flowers would grow from the cracks in the sidewalk, eventually making way for fruit trees.
And we would all starve to death. But we’re not exactly subsisting on paperwork and performance evaluations, are we? Most of the things we make and do for money are patently irrelevant to our survival—and to what gives
life meaning, besides.”
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