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This pamphlet asks the question “what does it mean to be an anarchist, or an environmentalist, when the goal is no longer working toward a global revolution and social/ecological sustainability? What does it mean to fight climate change if we’ve already lost?” The author explores what the possibilities are if global climate change has already passed the tipping point. Highly recomended!

“In our hearts we know the world will not be ‘saved’. Can active disillusionment be liberatory?

What possibilities for liberty and wildness might be closed, or opened up, by unstoppable climate change, increasing surveillance, and the expansion and contraction of civilizations?”

74 Pages

Table of Contents

Author’s Note


1. No (Global) Future

-Religious myths: progress, global capitalism, global revolution, global collapse
-I love us, there’s so much we can do and be, but there are limits
-From anti-globalisation to climate change

2. It’s Later Than We Thought

-Observed climate change is faster than expected
-Ghost acres feed population overshoots
-Climate change brings possibilities as well as closures

3. Desert Storms

-The military looks to the future
-Hot wars and failed states
-Peacekeepers in the graveyard of the living
-From (food) Riots to Insurrection

4. African Roads to Anarchy

-Anarchic elements in everyday (peasant) life
-Peoples without governments
-Commons resurgent as global trade retracts
-Outwitting the state

5. Civilisation Retreats, Wildness Persists

-Empires spread deserts which they cannot survive
-Nomadic freedoms and the collapse of agriculture
-Sandgrouse and creosote

6. Terror-Nullius Returns

-Civilisation expands as the cold deserts thaw
-Ecocide and genocide in the ‘empty’ lands.
-Lives of liberty/slavery on the new frontiers

7. Convergence and the New Urban Majorities

-Life expectancy and expectations of ‘modern life’
-Divergent worlds
-Survival in the slums
-Old gods and new heavens
-Vagabond plants in urban ecosystems

8. Conservation Amidst Change

-Apocalypses now
-“Conservation is our government”
-Damage control
-Nature bats last

9. Anarchists Behind the Walls

-Social war in temperate climates
-Surveillance states & security cultures
-Resist much, obey little
-Love, health and insurrection

10. Desert


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