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Durham Anarchists Vandalize National Guard Armory in Solidarity with Missouri Rebels

October 18, 2014


Reposted From Anarchist News

On the morning of October 17th, the National Guard Armory in Durham was the target of vandalism intended to disrupt weekend operations at the facility.

We glued five different sets of locks in order to prevent the entry or exit of vehicles from the fenced lot, chained the front doors shut, and left a message on the brick wall on the front of the building reading, “Disobey orders. Solidarity with Missouri Rebels. Fuck the Police.”

This simple act was done in solidarity with all who struggle against police harassment and occupation of their neighborhoods, and in particular with those insurgents in St. Louis and Ferguson, whose historic rebellion resulted in a National Guard occupation of their town. They remind us that when police murder the poor and people of color, the proper reaction is to riot.

We’re aware that our act is unlikely to cause major disruption at this facility. It is not a subsitute for other kinds of antagonism and combative struggle. Nonetheless, we see it as a gesture towards that time when such a facility provides crucial vehicles and arms to crush popular uprisings. If the future looks like civil war, let’s learn the terrain now rather than later.

To those who train at this facility, we would encourage you to think now about what it would mean to fire on your own neighbors and community members. Some of the most courageous soldiers in history have been those who disobeyed orders and refused to squash a popular rebellion. How will you be remembered when that time comes? Which side are you on? If it was your son or daughter murdered by the cops, what side then?

In defiance and fury,
– some bull city anarchists


Against Carceral Feminism

October 17, 2014
“Prison Blueprints.” Remeike Forbes / Jacobin

From Jacobin / By Victoria Law

Relying on state violence to curb domestic violence only ends up harming the most marginalized women.

Cherie Williams, a thirty-five-year-old African-American woman in the Bronx, just wanted to protect herself from her abusive boyfriend. So she called the cops. But although New York requires police to make an arrest when responding to domestic violence calls, the officers did not leave their car. When Williams demanded their badge numbers, the police handcuffed her, drove her to a deserted parking lot, and beat her, breaking her nose, spleen, and jaw. They then left her on the ground.

“They told me if they saw me on the street, that they would kill me,” Williams later testified.

The year was 1999. It was a half-decade after the passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which deployed more police and introduced more punitive sentencing in an attempt to reduce domestic violence. Many of the feminists who had lobbied for the passage of VAWA remained silent about Williams and countless other women whose 911 calls resulted in more violence. Often white, well-heeled feminists, their legislative accomplishment did little to stem violence against less affluent, more marginalized women like Williams.

This carceral variant of feminism continues to be the predominant form. While its adherents would likely reject the descriptor, carceral feminism describes an approach that sees increased policing, prosecution, and imprisonment as the primary solution to violence against women.

This stance does not acknowledge that police are often purveyors of violence and that prisons are always sites of violence. Carceral feminism ignores the ways in which race, class, gender identity, and immigration status leave certain women more vulnerable to violence and that greater criminalization often places these same women at risk of state violence. Read more…

Former Political Prisoner Eddie Conway To Speak at UNC

October 16, 2014
Eddie_Conway_WebWhen: Thursday, November 13th @ 7:00pm

Where: Sonja Haynes Stone Center – Auditorium

150 South Rd, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

Marshall “Eddie” Conway was the defense minister of the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panther Party. Framed for the murder of two Baltimore police officers in 1970, he was sentenced to life in prison. While in prison, Eddie Conway earned three diplomas, started a prison literacy program, and organized prisoner unions and libraries. Conway has authored two books from prison, Marshall Law: The Life and Times of a Baltimore Black Panther, and his exposé The Greatest Threat: The Black Panther Party and COINTELPRO. After serving 43 years in prison, Conway was released on March 4, 2014.

Eddie Conway will be speaking about his time in the Black Panther Party, his prisoner organizing work inside prison, and what his life has been like since being released.

You can find out more about Eddie Conway’s story here.

Register your attendance with your employer, law enforcement, and various government agencies and corporations here.

Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For October 2014 Is Now Available

October 14, 2014

octoberpoliticalprisonersFrom Prison Books

Hello Friends and Comrades,

1) Here is our super duper late political prisoner birthday poster for October. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own. This month’s poster honors the life and work of Loukaniko, the Greek riot dog, who died this month following health troubles that some people believe stemmed from their repeated exposure to tear gas.

2) CrimethInc. has a Kickstarter to print 100,000 free copies of their new booklet, introducing radical ideas and values to a broader audience.. To Change Everything is a full-color 48-page booklet. In fresh, accessible language, it explores the virtues of self-determination, illuminates why authoritarian power structures cannot resolve the crises they produce, and discusses how to weave our personal revolts together into a collective struggle for liberation. If you have any extra money, consider throwing some their way.

3) Political Prisoner Tom Manning is scheduled to see the US Parole Board in November. In a recent letter he asks that people write letters supporting his release on parole. He writes “so if folks can just write their own letters expressing each ones ideas rather than all of them sounding like they read a form letter – so that they put their own voice down on paper.”

Please write a letter to support Tom!

Your letter should reference:
Thomas Manning #10373-016

and be sent to:

U.S. Parole Commission
90 K Street, NE, Third Floor
Washington, D.C. 20530

Please make a copy and send it to:
Tom Manning 10373-016
FMC Butner
PO Box 1600
Butner, NC 27509 Read more…

Act Two: St. Louis Erupts After Another Police Murder

October 12, 2014

ferguson-poster_small-for-webFrom Anarchist News


The following events occurred Wednesday and Thursday of last week, prior to four days of planned peaceful protests by Left groups. In addition, on Monday night 100-150 people attempted an occupation of the QT in Shaw, South St. Louis. They were dispersed by riot police, but not before the cops arrested 17 and were then pelted with rocks. In the words of one participant, “The official narrative of this weekend will be massive, nonviolent, confrontation. But, like all official narratives, it is not completely accurate.”

Just after dusk on Wednesday night in St. Louis, a cop killed 18 year-old Vonderitt “Drew” Myers. This is the third incident of cops killing black men in two months – sadly this is not above average. What is above average, though, is people’s response to it. Like Mike Brown, there has been debate about whether he was fighting back, whether he was armed, whether stealing cigars or shooting at police is something you should be killed for. To us, this doesn’t matter. We are against the police and all that they do. Read more…

The Ex-Worker #29: Anarchism in Chile, Part I

October 9, 2014

chilecircleaFrom Crimethinc.

#29: Anarchism in Chile, Part I: From Popular Power to Social War – It’s been a busy fall here at the Ex-Worker podcast: demos, illnesses, and catastrophes of all sorts have slowed us down, but can’t stop us! Against the odds, we’ve returned with our 29th episode, the first of a two-episode series exploring anarchism in Chile. From its roots in the popular power of the Allende years and militant resistance to the Pinochet dictatorship to today’s clashes between encapuchados and Carabineros across burning barricades, we explore the history and background context necessary to understand the distinctive and militant anarchist struggles of contemporary Chile. From the recent anarchist book and propaganda fair in Santiago, several anarchists speak with us about the importance of radical neighborhoods, the evolution of public anarchist organizing, and political imprisonment in Chile. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a report-back from the marches and actions of New York City Climate Convergence, with several interviewees reporting on their experiences and sharing their reflections on how anarchists connect to broader environmental movements. Listeners weigh in on historical dates, pronunciation mistakes, and mind-controlled drones, and a big helping of news plus events and prisoner birthdays puts the icing on the cake. Read more…

A Report from Lanesboro CI

October 8, 2014


On 5/8/14 I was attacked by ten PERT staff, and while in the midst of defending myself I saw Lanesboro CI’s superintendent Mr. David Mitchell running towards me. So I struck him as well, resulting in knocking loose and chipping his tooth. This was my fourth violent confrontation with PERT in a six month timeframe. This is my second longterm stay on HCON/Supermax for seriously assaulting and injuring high-ranking prison officials, who were attempting to assault me. Some of the other atrocious acts being carried out under the directives of Superintendent Mitchell are policies such as the 48 hour minimum in full restraints for minor rule violations, the 72 hour minimum of deprivation of one’s mattress, bed linen, personal property, and hygiene products, racial profiling and slave-like attacks on Afrikan-Amerikan prisoners by all-white PERT goon squads, property damage or loss while in staff’s possession, no cleaning supplies, a new stat-approved STG SHU program that lasts for four years with no programs or beneficial outcome for the prisoners forced to remain in solitary confinement.

While at Lanesboro, we fought back when provoked or attacked, did a 91 prisoner hunger strike lasting seven days, filed grievances to prison officials in the State’s capital, all to no avail. Now, I am writing to inform the public of why recidivism is so high, why we’re entering society full of rage and hatred. We are enduring modern day slavery and torture at the hands of those entrusted with the responsibility to help rehabilitate us. This is the biggest hoax of all.

I’m preparing to file my own state tort and Federal 1983 civil suits against NC DPS prison officials and ask the supporters of the prison news bulletin to assist me in my efforts to obtain redress and remedy for State and Federal Constitutional violations of my rights. I also hope to have the names of at least 10 other prisoners who were seriously assaulted, injured, and hospitalized. We are looking to pursue a class action if legal representation can be found on a pro bono basis.

Last but not least, I am searching for supporters who would like to assist me and be a part of the Majestic Youth Foundation, a non profit whose aims are gang violence prevention and youth leadership. We are a group of young, self-rehabilitated brothers dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of NC’s hardest to reach youth through mentoring and outreach programs, direct services, and community collaboration. We are looking for the assistance of the NC community at large. We need to involve any and all volunteers, businesses, churches, school officials, organizations and community residents. We believe it takes the hood to save the hood. We are based in Durham and Greensboro. For further info, write to:

Jamaal D. Oglesby 0775767


PO Box 2500

Butner, NC 27509


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