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Fri, Feb 28th: Internationalist Cabaret and Bob Sheldon Award Ceremony

Internationalist Cabaret JPEGFrom Internationalist Books

Friday, February 28th
$5-20 Sliding Scale
@ The Nightlight 
405 1/2 W. Rosemary St. in Chapel Hill

Get ready for an evening filled with puppetry, dance, music, stand up, skits, a local pie auction, and more. We will also be presenting the 2014 Bob Sheldon award to this year’s recipient. All proceeds of this volunteer-run benefit will go directly to Internationalist Bookstore & Community Center so that it can continue its work as an activist and social center. Internationalist Books and Community Center has served Chapel Hill and Carrboro communities for over 30 years. To show your continued support, come out to the Internationalist Cabaret.

Prisoner Update from Scotland CI

solitary_confinement_cell_auschwitz_1-300x300The whole prison system is supposedly built to rehabilitate the inmate, meant them to health or a useful life, as through therapy and education to restore to a former role, privileges, or good name. But that’s not happening within the prisons system. What is taking place is the word ‘restrain,’ which means to hold back to deprive of freedom or limits. The prison system has cut the education system, doesn’t give out a day of therapy, and privileges is slowly being restricted. No inmate at this point is being treated as an individual. Inmates are being restrained, handcuffed, beaten, or tortured and sprayed with mace.

At Scotland CI they have forced inmates to take showers in handcuffs and forced inmates to expose themselves to other inmates. They have put inmates’ lives in danger without the concern of the spread of disease from inmate to inmate. They have exposed inmates to chemicals that cause irritation to the eyes or skin. These chemicals come with a caution sign that states, “Keep away from heat and flame. Don’t get in eye or on the skin. Keep container closed. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not taste or swallow. Wash thoroughly after using. Keep out of the reach of children.” And inmates was exposed to these things by the CO spraying them upon the handcuffs before showers. Inmates’ at Scotland CI health has been put in danger. Inmates at Scotland are being restricted from their visitation privileges, telephone privileges. And CO’s are withholding inmates’ mail. (more…)

DURHAM: An update on tazing incident of January 13th

DurhamcopsBy Alex Dober

Anthony Peaks, 24, was tazed 3-4 times on January 13th, 2014, by Durham Police for throwing a bottle at a police vehicle.

Anthony Peaks was involved in another police brutality incident in May 2009, when State Trooper R.K. Clay pulled him over for a minor traffic violation. Trooper Clay then shot Peaks multiple times, resulting in him being taken to Duke Hospital, where his life was saved.

This incident appears to have been the motivation for Peaks to have retaliated against the police on January 13th, although that is far from certain. (more…)

NCCU Student Stripped and Falsely Jailed

frameup1By Lamont Lilly
Durham, NC

  It was late evening July 15th, 2013 when 19 year old North Carolina Central University sophomore, Lewis James Little was finally released after a month of incarceration for a murder he did not commit.  Several charges against Little including first degree burglary, first degree kidnapping, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and felony conspiracy have all since been formally dismissed as an honest mistake.  Lewis Little however, has been left to pick up the pieces of an experience truly worthy of a Lifetime Hardship Award.

 On the evening of June 20th, 2013 Lewis Little and five of his friends left The Mews apartment complex to meet up and socialize with additional acquaintances at 414 Melbourne Street in northeast Durham.  As they arrived by car, they spotted a body of an adult male lying in the street.  After departing from their car, they approached the body “to find out why someone would just be laying in the street like that.”  Little and his friends were careful to observe without touching or disturbing what appeared to be a potential crime scene.  After prompting the man to get up several times and inquiring about his safety without a response, Lewis Little called Durham police.  The man on the ground was 25 year old Michael Lee, who was obviously in critical condition as he laid there wheezing his last few breaths.  Worried and confused, Little and his friends stood beside Lee, as a small crowd of community members began to gather.  

frameup2When Durham police finally arrived, they attempted to gather information on what exactly had transpired.  Lewis Little, his friends and several others were questioned about what they may have seen or heard.  Shortly after, Lewis Little found himself singled out by Durham police officer, K. Hempstead and questioned more abrasively.  Without explanation, Little was then informed that he was being detained for further questioning at the Durham Police Department’s 505 West Chapel Hill Street headquarter location.  Officer K. Hempstead locked Little in handcuffs and placed him in the back seat of his police squad car. Little was taken to a Durham Police Department interrogation room and read his rights.  Though investigators attempted to intimidate Little as they interrogated him, Lewis Little vehemently declared his innocence.

 After hours of tedious questions and waiting in the interrogation room, Lewis Little was ordered to “strip down” and remove all articles of clothing in front of male and female officers.  His keys, clothing, cell phone, shoes and watch were all confiscated. Little was outfitted in an oversized white paper jumpsuit.  Investigators took fingerprints and DNA samples.  Lewis Little sat there handcuffed to a steel chair until daylight the next morning.  After the department’s morning shift change, he was taken to the Durham County Jail where news cameras and reporters were waiting to catch a glimpse of his face.