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Collective Meetings

In addition to our weekly workdays, the group holds a collective meeting every few months, where we plan fundraising initiatives, brainstorm future projects, discuss priorities, and generally assess how things are going. There are no presidents or “chairmen,” and all decisions are made by consensus. To attend collective meetings, we ask that participants have a long-term commitment to the group, and broadly share our vision for a world without prisons. If you have questions about this, feel free to drop us an email, come to one of our workdays.


  1. Asad Malik

    I would love to create a partnership between the Pan-African Alliance ( and your platform. How can we best contribute? We have 400 members, 13k twitter followers, 20k Facebook followers, and 12 councils – one of which is committed to Criminal Justice Reform and prison abolition. I am free to speak via phone at your convenience.

    1. Prison Books Collective (Post author)

      Hi there. Can you please email us at prisonbooks (at) gmail (dot) com?

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