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certain_days_political_prisonerTo become a $5/month sustainer via PayPal.
To become a $10/month sustainer via PayPal.
To become a $15/month sustainer via PayPal.
To become a $20/month sustainer via PayPal.

About Us and the Sustainer Program

Each month, we send hundreds of books to people in NC and AL prisons and zines nationwide. We spend about $400 per month on postage alone, and are always in need of support. Our group is entirely volunteer-run and subsists week to week on the donations of supporters.

To be able continue this work, we started a fundraising initiative called the monthly sustainer program. Our sustainers play a HUGE part in making sure we have the funds we need to support people on the inside. We’d love to have you join that group!

You can sign up via the links above to have a small sum securely and automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card each month. Just $10/month can send over a hundred more books into prison each year ($5 gets more than 50 packages in). Every single dollar received from sustainers goes to support our mission of getting reading materials to people in prison. Note: when using your credit card to pay, PayPal takes a percentage fee, if you use your bank account, more of your money gets to us.

If you have any questions about donating or would like to set up a recurring donation for a different amount, drop us an email (

To make a one-time donation in any amount, via PayPal, click below:

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  1. Alexis Schofield

    This is so unbelievably amazing! I am a second year graduate student at UNCG and we are working on the States of Incarceration Exhibit. This literally gives me hope for reform. We are opening our exhibit in Greensboro, on November 11th and 12th at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. If there is any chance you might be interested in coming, or any way we can help you all, let me know!

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