Back to only accepting specific genres

After a couple months of accepting ALL books, we are now back to ONLY accepting soft cover books and only certain high-demand genres. Please check out our book donation page for more about what we’re looking for.

Wondering what all those books were being collected for? It’s a benefit book sale a group of UNC students (Student Chapter of the American Library Association) has been organizing for many years. Last year they raised $750 for us, the prior year it was $1,500!!! Help make the book sale a success by spreading the word!

Benefit Book Sale: April 3-5, 9 am to 5 pm, Davis Library on the UNC campus (208 Raleigh St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514). On Facebook.

Want some ideas of the sorts of books we’re currently accepting? We have a new Amazon wish list that has some example books that we’d like. It is far from an exhaustive list. And having this list is not an endorsement of the retail, consumer monster that is Amazon, it’s just a convenient place for us to let you know what we’d like! Note: we prefer that you order items to your home and then bring them to a workday. If you’re not located in the area, we have a gift mailing address, but we can only accept items ordered directly through Amazon (not 3rd party sellers, which is where used books usually come from). If you’d like to order used books and need them delivered, email us ( to make arrangements.  Do NOT mail books to our workdays address or our PO Box. We can’t receive packages there. Thanks!