Support Us!

Thanks for your interest in getting reading materials into the hands of people locked in our nation’s prisons and jails. We send books to people in North Carolina and Alabama. We also send zines (small booklets) to people in prisons around the country.

  • DONATE MONEY: Our biggest need right now is for money! We’re pretty much out of money. So in order to keep sending books and zines into prisons, we need your help!        We currently spend about $800 per month on: postage ($400), rent for our space ($300), copies/printing ($50), supplies ($50), and website ($5)!  Your help is so critical!!  Note: we’re hoping our next space will be lower cost or free, so stay tuned for our new costs.
  • VOLUNTEER: We are not currently accepting new volunteers (from May 19, 2017 through mid-June 2017). We hope to resume accepting new volunteers by mid-June. We’re working on moving to a new space! Our lease is up May 31, 2017, so we need to be moved by then. We expect to continue our public workdays are every Sunday, from 1 to 4 pm. Learn more about volunteering. Contact us.
  • DONATE BOOKS: In anticipation of our planned move, we are pausing on book donations until we’re settled in our new space. You can contact us to check when we’ll resume accepting book donations: