Leslie James Pickering To Speak @ UNC about FBI Surveillance

leslieWednesday, November 5th @ 7:30pm

Hanes Art Auditorium Room 121 @ UNC

A decade after being under heavy federal surveillance for exercising free speech in support of the underground Earth Liberation Front, Leslie James Pickering discovered that his associates are being questioned by the FBI, the US Post Office is copying his incoming mail, he was put on a secret list for maximum security screening at airports and a federal grand jury subpoena was issued for records on him, his family and his bookstore, Burning Books. Leslie has launched an extensive legal and public campaign to resist this surveillance, which he believes is aimed to repress Burning Books and the surge of activism and awareness that the bookstore generates. This multimedia presentation will open eyes to methods used by the federal government to repress activists and freedom struggles, and how they can be resisted.

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