A Report from Lanesboro CI


On 5/8/14 I was attacked by ten PERT staff, and while in the midst of defending myself I saw Lanesboro CI’s superintendent Mr. David Mitchell running towards me. So I struck him as well, resulting in knocking loose and chipping his tooth. This was my fourth violent confrontation with PERT in a six month timeframe. This is my second longterm stay on HCON/Supermax for seriously assaulting and injuring high-ranking prison officials, who were attempting to assault me. Some of the other atrocious acts being carried out under the directives of Superintendent Mitchell are policies such as the 48 hour minimum in full restraints for minor rule violations, the 72 hour minimum of deprivation of one’s mattress, bed linen, personal property, and hygiene products, racial profiling and slave-like attacks on Afrikan-Amerikan prisoners by all-white PERT goon squads, property damage or loss while in staff’s possession, no cleaning supplies, a new stat-approved STG SHU program that lasts for four years with no programs or beneficial outcome for the prisoners forced to remain in solitary confinement.

While at Lanesboro, we fought back when provoked or attacked, did a 91 prisoner hunger strike lasting seven days, filed grievances to prison officials in the State’s capital, all to no avail. Now, I am writing to inform the public of why recidivism is so high, why we’re entering society full of rage and hatred. We are enduring modern day slavery and torture at the hands of those entrusted with the responsibility to help rehabilitate us. This is the biggest hoax of all.

I’m preparing to file my own state tort and Federal 1983 civil suits against NC DPS prison officials and ask the supporters of the prison news bulletin to assist me in my efforts to obtain redress and remedy for State and Federal Constitutional violations of my rights. I also hope to have the names of at least 10 other prisoners who were seriously assaulted, injured, and hospitalized. We are looking to pursue a class action if legal representation can be found on a pro bono basis.

Last but not least, I am searching for supporters who would like to assist me and be a part of the Majestic Youth Foundation, a non profit whose aims are gang violence prevention and youth leadership. We are a group of young, self-rehabilitated brothers dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of NC’s hardest to reach youth through mentoring and outreach programs, direct services, and community collaboration. We are looking for the assistance of the NC community at large. We need to involve any and all volunteers, businesses, churches, school officials, organizations and community residents. We believe it takes the hood to save the hood. We are based in Durham and Greensboro. For further info, write to:

Jamaal D. Oglesby 0775767


PO Box 2500

Butner, NC 27509