Carrboro Really Really Free Market Ten-Year Anniversary: Schedule and Programming!

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Carrboro Really Really Free Market Ten-Year Anniversary: Schedule and Programming!

This coming Saturday, October 4, we will celebrate ten years of Really Really Free Markets in Carrboro, NC! Here follows the schedule of events and programming.

There will be several stations operating throughout the event, starting at 2 in the afternoon and running into the evening hours:

-Carrboro’s Recyclery will operate a station repairing and giving away bicycles

-Really Really Free Health Services will offer blood pressure and hearing tests

-A Fairgrounds in which you can throw pies at authority figures

-A Sports and Games Area featuring Soccer, Relay Races, Water Balloons

-A Children’s Area with Giant Bubbles, Storytelling, and Toys

-A Sewing Station

-A Silkscreening Station

-The Inside/Outside Alliance will run a booth focusing on prisoner support

-Not to mention the usual book and literature distribution tables!



2:00 Two hours of hot lunch and grocery distribution courtesy of Fed Up—a group providing food at local Really Really Free Markets

5:00 Two hours of hot supper courtesy of Prayers and Pancakes



2:00 Welcome Piñata

2:30 Puppet Show: Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army

2:45 Puppet Show: Thistle & Friends

3:15 Second Piñata, Birthday Cake Contest

4:00 Fashion Show

4:30 Piñata Contest

5:30 Beautiful & Behind Bars: Political Prisoner Vignettes (A Theatrical Production)

8:30 Exciting finale!

9:00 Movie Showing: “What to Do in Case of Fire”



2:00 What To Do When Your Friend Turns Blue: Safer Drug Use and Overdose Rescue, a harm-reduction workshop

3:00 From the Factory to the Prison: Women’s Uncontrollable Resistance in North Carolina

4:00 Colonization and Heteronormativity: A Love Story

5:00 Direct Action in the Streets: A Workshop



2:30 Maddie Baselice

3:00 Three punk bands: Rubrics, Future Primitive, Sibannac

5:00 Long Vera

6:00 DJ Femmecr1me

7:00 Will Ridenhour and Friends

8:00 DJ JIL
If you can, plan on sticking around late into the evening with us to clean up and hang out!