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A march has also been called for in Chapel Hill on Sunday at 1:00PM.

Ecologically, socially, the present moment is an unfolding tragedy. We’re teetering on the edge of an historical cliff: on one side lies the ecological death of the planet, absolute spiritual bankruptcy, universal anxiety; on the other, the end of this way of living and the start of something completely new.

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people will descend on Manhattan to join the largest climate march in history. If the scale of this event is unprecedented, it is because it expresses truths that have become universally recognized: amid the toxification of life, the increasing militarization of urban space, and the obvious inadequacy of any “solution from above,” we have found each other in a whirlwind of global upheaval. From Cairo to New York City, from Ukraine to Ferguson, millions of people around the world have stood up to fight against this untenable way of living.

Many have called to #FLOODWALLSTREET in a wave of disruption and occupation. With the intention to elaborate this movement beyond New York City and beyond the given form of a single march, we have adopted this call as our own. We have the opportunity to transform the People’s Climate March from a one-day event into a new, indefinite movement to act within and against the climate crisis.

The lesson we’ve learned from #OCCUPYWALLSTREET is that we need a social force and the actual public space required to sustain it. If we’re going to take seriously the call to change everything, we need to create the kind of space(s) all over the country where we can meet, talk, share skills, and organize ourselves against those who got us into this mess. Al Gore said in 2007 that he was surprised there weren’t young people blocking bulldozers everywhere – and the situation now is even more dire. It’s time to take and hold space, block construction and development sites, to adapt the tactics of occupation, and shut down as much as we can in order to outmaneuver the ecological catastrophe we’re stuck within.

The movement towards a different way of life has already begun – from community gardens across America to Occupy Sandy, from survivalist networks in Nevada to electronic dance festivals in Tennessee, from tar sands blockades to Anonymous. The people’s climate mobilisation is an opening for us to take these endeavors much further: to ask ourselves what it would mean to commit to living differently and to defend that new way of life against the forces that threaten to keep us trapped inside of this one.

After the march, organize an assembly where you live – plan a public occupation, research possibilities for opposing new petroleum infrastructure projects, support existing struggles.
A storm can pass, but a tidal wave can change everything…

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A march has also been called for in Chapel Hill on Sunday at 1:00PM. (http://www.dailytarheel.com/article/2014/09/letter-all-must-seek-climate-change-solutions)