Carnival Dance Party at The Pinhook

carnivalJoin us on July 26th @ 10pm for an epic carnival themed dance party, like none you’ve seen before.

Your ticket price of a 7-20 dollar donation will get you one free raffle ticket and the opportunity to get more than just sweaty, We’ve got great prizes including a 200$ professional tattoo, a professional massage and a pet portrait by Billie Faye. There will also be a silent auction of various fine arts and wood crafts,one off tee shirts and bandannas. Many more surprise in store upon arrival that may or may not (wink,wink nudge,nudge) include creaming your friends, winning free shots or even a 50$ bar tab.

All earnings will go to cover the legal expenses associated with the adoption of three awesome kids who recently lost their parents and are being taken in by two Durham residents in an attempt to keep these siblings together and redefine the boundaries of what it means to be a family.

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Dream Boat



Raffle with prizes including but not limited to, an hour massage, a tattoo (200$ value), bar tab (50$), Limited edition prints, Fine art pet portrait, herbal consult.

Silent Auction including but not limited to, paintings, pottery, professional dog training.

and other fun activities that could win you drinks.

Register your attendance with your employer, law enforcement, and various government agencies and corporations here.