Prisoner Update from Scotland CI

solitary_confinement_cell_auschwitz_1-300x300The whole prison system is supposedly built to rehabilitate the inmate, meant them to health or a useful life, as through therapy and education to restore to a former role, privileges, or good name. But that’s not happening within the prisons system. What is taking place is the word ‘restrain,’ which means to hold back to deprive of freedom or limits. The prison system has cut the education system, doesn’t give out a day of therapy, and privileges is slowly being restricted. No inmate at this point is being treated as an individual. Inmates are being restrained, handcuffed, beaten, or tortured and sprayed with mace.

At Scotland CI they have forced inmates to take showers in handcuffs and forced inmates to expose themselves to other inmates. They have put inmates’ lives in danger without the concern of the spread of disease from inmate to inmate. They have exposed inmates to chemicals that cause irritation to the eyes or skin. These chemicals come with a caution sign that states, “Keep away from heat and flame. Don’t get in eye or on the skin. Keep container closed. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not taste or swallow. Wash thoroughly after using. Keep out of the reach of children.” And inmates was exposed to these things by the CO spraying them upon the handcuffs before showers. Inmates’ at Scotland CI health has been put in danger. Inmates at Scotland are being restricted from their visitation privileges, telephone privileges. And CO’s are withholding inmates’ mail.

Inmates at Scotland CI are faced with a state of oppression, immoral and unusual punishment. Many grievances have been filed and many letters have been mailed out about these concerns at Scotland and are asking for help from the courts that this matter will soon see justice in the court system.

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Scotland CI

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Laurinburg, NC 28353


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    I am reblogging this February 2014 update on North Carolina prison Scotland Correctional Institute in order to see if any readers have more recent information. I have received letters from around 10 prisoners stating that prison is still on lockdown. Please comments on this post contact me through my Contact page if you are privy to any additional information regarding this.

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