Sunday, January 19th at 5:30pm in Durham

Exact start location TBA

Join us January 19th for a peaceful march that will mark 2 months since the death of our beloved brother, son, and friend: Jesús “Chuy” Huerta.

Chuy’s death has become a nationwide issue because of the demonstrations that have taken place. Please come and join those who have been in the streets from the beginning and let’s make this call for justice even stronger.

People from all ages and all walks of life are welcomed.

Chuy’s friends and family want justice for all the people affected by police violence. There can’t be reconciliation without justice. There can’t be reconciliation with an organized gang in blue that keeps our communities and children terrorized. There can’t be reconciliation with a police department that continues to criminalize the memory of Chuy Huerta and the lives of all of his peers.
We cry “JUSTICE” for Keith Vidal: 18 years old recently shot by police on Jan 5th 2014 in Boiling Spring Lakes.

We cry “JUSTICE” for Andy Lopez: 13 years old shot by police on Oct 22nd 2013 in Santa Rosa, CA.

We cry “JUSTICE” for Tracy Bost: Shot by police Sep 23rd 2013 in Durham.

We cry “JUSTICE” for Derek Walker: Shot by police Sep 18th 2013 in Durham

We cry “JUSTICE” for Jose Cruz Ocampo: Shot by police Jul 27th 2013 in Durham

We cry “JUSTICE” for Carlos Riley Jr.: Currently in jail after escaping death by a police officer.

We cry “JUSTICE” for all the children who, like Chuy, are being harassed on a daily basis by all police forces across the country.

We cry “JUSTICE” for all the people racially profiled in Durham and in the rest of the country on a daily basis.

We cry “JUSTICE” for the approximate 782 people killed by police since May 1st of 2013 all across the USA.

And last but not least, we cry “JUSTICE” for all the peaceful people assembled in the plaza on the last march who got teargassed without provocation. Come and join our voices against the abuses of the Durham Police Department.

We will end the march peacefully at the church where the vigil will be held.
Location for the start of the march to be announced soon!


Únase a una marcha pacífica que marcará dos meses desde la muerte de nuestro querido hermano, hijo, y amigo: Jesús “Chuy” Huerta.

La muerte de Chuy a captado atención nacional gracias a las demostraciones logradas. Por favor venga y únase a quienes han estado en las calles desde el principio y hagamos este llamado a la justicia mucho más fuerte.

Invitamos a personas de varias edades y de diferente andares en la vida.

Los amigos y la familia de Chuy quieren justicia para todas las personas afectadas por la violencia policial. No puede haber reconciliación sin justicia. No puede haber reconciliación con un pandilla de azul organizada que mantiene a nuestra comunidad y a nuestros niños/as en terror. No puede haber reconciliación con un departamento de policía que continua criminalizando la memoria de Chuy Huerta y las vidas de sus semejantes.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para Keith Vidal: de 18 años y recientemente abaleado por la policía el 5 de Enero del 2014 en Boiling Spring Lakes.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para Andy Lopez: de 13 años abaleado por la policía el 22 de Octubre del 2013 en Santa Rosa, CA.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para Tracy Bost: Abaleado por la policía el 23 de Septiembre del 2013 en Durham.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para Derek Walker: Abaleado por la policía el 18 de Septiembre del 2013 en Durham.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para Jose Cruz Ocampo: Abaleado por la policía el 27 de Julio del 2013 en Durham.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para Carlos Riley Jr.: Que se encuentra en la cárcel después de escapar la muerta anunciada por un oficial de policía.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para todos nuestros hijos e hijas quienes, como Chuy, son acosados y acosadas cada día por las fuerzas policiales en todo el país.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para toda la gente discriminada racialmente en Durham y en el resto del pais todos los días.

Gritamos “JUSTICIA” para las aproximadamente 782 personas que han sido matadas por la policía desde el primero de Mayo del 2013 por todo el país.

Y por último, pero igual de importante, gritamos “JUSTICIA” para todas las personas que pacíficamente estaban congregadas en la plaza durante la última marcha y fueron gaseadas sin provocación alguna. Vengan y únanse a nuestras voces en contra de los abusos del departamento de policía de Durham.

Terminaremos la marcha pacíficamente en la iglesia donde tendremos la vigilia.
El punto de inicio para la marcha será anunciado prontamente!

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  1. prisonbookscollective

    Dear All,

    The following is a statement of support for the march from Evelin and the Huerta Family. In the mainstream news and through other means there has been an attempt to discredit the march, their participants, and the march intentions and imply lack of family support. Seeing this, Evelin has forwarded me this statement. Please share it and forward it to anyone that might have any doubts of who is in support of our marches for justice.

    Rafael Estrada

    The statement (by Evelin Huerta):

    This is a statement about everything that is going around and about my family: The Huertas. A lot has been said about the March this Sunday– that we are not supporting the march. This is a lie. In no moment in time have we said we do not support it. Yes, it is true that we will not be able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances and situation. We thank the community for being with us every step of the way. We support both the peace vigil and peaceful march. The vigil is to remember and and love the memory of my brother. My mother has asked for everything to be peaceful. And the march is to make our voice be heard in all this pain; not just ours but all the injustices that have been made. SINCE WHEN DO WE NEED PERMISSION TO SPEAK OUR MINDS? SINCE WHEN DO WE NEED A PERMIT TO WRITE OR SAY WHAT WE THINK IS RIGHT OR WRONG? How many more young lives will have to be lost? We did not ask for this; we did not ask to go through all this. All we asked for was my brother and son to be brought back home. No one knows the pain that we have been going through. And we don’t imagine the pain that all those mothers and brothers have gone through. Once again: No Justice, No Peace…. Who do they PROTECT? WHO DO THEY PROTECT? WE ARE ONE. WE ARE A COMMUNITY STRONGER THAN EVER.


    Evelin Huerta

    PS:Also, since when did we start relying on social media? If you didn’t hear it from us, what do you base it on?

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