Remembrances For Herman Wallace In North Carolina


A banner posted to the fence at the disputed CVS building that was squatted/occupied last year as a campaign of resisting corporate development; at the corner of Weaver St. and Greensboro St in Carrboro, NC on October 12th. This banner was posted to coincide with Herman Wallace’s memorial service in New Orleans.

hermanwallacemural4Earlier this week graffiti artists decorated the Carrboro bike path with a memorial to Herman Wallace. The memorial reminds us that Albert Woodfox is still locked up and that the struggle is not over.

Write to  Albert Woodfox at:
Albert Woodfox
David Wade Correctional Center, N1A3
670 Bell Hill Rd.
Homer, LA 71040

Herman’s obituary from Angola 3 News:

On October 4th, 2013, Herman Wallace, an icon of the modern prison reform movement and an innocent man, died a free man after spending an unimaginable 41 years in solitary confinement.

Herman spent the last four decades of his life fighting against all that is unjust in the criminal justice system, making international the inhuman plight that is long term solitary confinement, and struggling to prove that he was an innocent man.  Just 3 days before his passing, he succeeded, his conviction was overturned, and he was released to spend his final hours surrounded by loved ones.  Despite his brief moments of freedom, his case will now forever serve as a tragic example that justice delayed is justice denied.

Herman Wallace’s early life in New Orleans during the heyday of an unforgiving and unjust Jim Crow south often found him on the wrong side of the law and eventually he was sent to the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola for armed robbery.  While there, he was introduced to the Black Panther’s powerful message of self determination and collective community action and quickly became one of its most persuasive and ardent practitioners.

Not long after he began to organize hunger and work strikes to protest the continued segregation, endemic corruption, and horrific abuse rampant at the prison, he and his fellow panther comrades Albert Woodfox and Robert King were charged with murders they did not commit and thrown in solitary.  Robert was released in 2001 after 29 years in solitary but Herman remained there for an unprecedented 41 years, and Albert is still in a 6×9 solitary cell.

Herman’s criminal case ended with his passing, but his legacy will live on through a civil lawsuit he filed jointly with Robert and Albert that seeks to define and abolish long term solitary confinement as cruel and unusual punishment, and through his comrade Albert Woodfox’s still active and promising bid for freedom from the wrongful conviction they both shared.

Herman was only 9 days shy of 72 years old.


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    Big ups from the Angola 3 Coalition-terrific visuals! join us Monday, 10/21 on the State Court House steps in Baton Rouge, LA at noon as Amnesty and others call for Albert’s immediate release. Remember Herman, Free Albert Woodfox and Abolish solitary confinement!

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