King Peaceful sentenced to 15 years

Russell KilfoilFrom ALKQN Support

Russell “King Peaceful” Kilfoil was sentenced to 15 years today in the Middle District of North Carolina.  The Judge shaved off some years from the US Attorney’s maximum recommendation.  Kilfoil received less than the recommended time due to his own efforts and life experiences.  Though the Feds were able to place Kilfoil in a leadership role of the NC ALKQN, for the purpose of gaining a stiffer conviction, and to further demonize Kilfoil and the NC ALKQN, on the actions of others, we hope that Kilfoil feels that even though 15 years is a long time the feds did not take his life.

A slightly more colorful report of today’s sentencing can be read on the Yes Weekly blog,

Someone will do what the need to do in order to improve their own lives, but only if that improvement does not come at the expense of another.  Peaceful is a descent person with strong character. There is a difference in wanting to stand alone and just walking away. The law and participants tend to confuse the two.

Kilfoil’s new address will be posted as soon as he is transferred to a federal facility.