Announcing the 2013 Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

carrboro-anarchist-bookfair-posterThe fourth annual Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair will take place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on November 23, 2013! Please join us for an exciting weekend of discussions, bibliophily, entertainment… and surprises.

North Carolina has earned a reputation as a hub of anarchist organizing and publishing. Two years ago, at the peak of Occupy, the 2011 Carrboro Anarchist Book Fair climaxed with the occupation of a vacant building downtown, drawing attention from around the world. Last summer, North Carolina hosted the nationwide gathering of the radical environmentalist Earth First! network, while in nearby Durham, anarchists participated in spirited demonstrations against the murder of Trayvon Martin. Come learn about the ideas driving these events, and connect with local and regional projects.

Save the date! And if you are involved with a radical bookshop, organizing group, or publishing project, now is the time to get in touch. Email to reserve a table, volunteer to help, or suggest other activities. The deadline for reserving tables is November 1. We’ll also be hosting workshops, presentations, and discussions–feel free to propose one. Schedules and promotional materials will soon be available at

Groups who table will be asked for a small tabling fee, but it’s important to us that tabling be accessible to groups that do not expect to make any money.

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    Here’s a promotional video for the Bookfair this year.

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