King J / Jorge Cornell sentencing date Wednesday August 14th!

blacknyellowFrom ALKQN Support

It is with a heavy heart that we are preparing for the upcoming sentencing date next week, *Wednesday, August 14th, at 9am at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Winston Salem*, for our friends and comrades King J (Jorge Cornell), King Peaceful (Russell (Jonathan Hernandez) Kilfoil), and Ernesto Wilson. The courts have continually pushed back this date, and even though it’s going to be really hard, all of the guys are ready to move on with the next phase of their fight in the appeals process and get out of county jail where they have no outside access, extremely limited resources and constantly changing visitation privileges.

The support community around the Kings and King J in particular is asking for your help as we prepare for next Wednesday. Here are some concrete ways J, his family, and friends are asking you to contribute:

1. Jorge’s attorney has asked that anyone who would like to submit a letter on Jorge’s behalf do so ASAP so that he can submit them this week to the court. If you have known J in any capacity and have a story or experience you could share PLEASE try to write a letter and send it ASAP to:

Michael Patrick
312 W. Franklin St. PO Box 16848
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
or by Fax: 919-869-1348

Please DO NOT mention your ideas about Jorge’s guilt or innocence or your personal critique of the “criminal justice system.”

2. PACK THE COURTROOM! *US District Court, 251 N. Main Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101*, lots of downtown parking available. Organize a carpool from your town or neighborhood to downtown Winston Salem on the morning of Wednesday, August 14th. Bring a valid photo ID, and do not bring your cell phone or any food into the building.

3. If you have been close to J for a while, please consider being willing to say a few sentences (testifying) in front of the Judge on Wednesday. This can feel scary but others will be there who will be doing it and can offer support during the day.

4. Please forward this far and wide!

with appreciation for your time and energy & with undying rage at the society that imprisons us. -ALKQN Support