2013 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in North Carolina July 1-8th

rondy11x17From Earth First! Newswire

The Round River Rendezvous is the annual gathering of the Earth First! Movement.  Each Summer, this week-long camp-out attracts several hundred Earth First!ers from around the world. The gathering is coordinated by a volunteer committee and includes workshops, campaign discussions, campfire music and a rally with performers and speakers. Perhaps the most important part of the Round River Rendezvous is the informal networking that goes on.  These gatherings are particularly important for developing a cohesive activist network and planning actions on a local level.

We are thrilled to announce that Croatan Earth First! will be hosting next summer’s rendezvous in central North Carolina.  The exact location to be announced close to the week of the event. The spot we are choosing should have swimming holes and beautiful woods to hike in.  As for new content, we’ll be offering more earth skills, plant/mushroom identification, and ecospirituality workshops to the this year’s gathering as well as medic trainings. We’re looking for folks to host workshops, and to submit ideas for workshops/panels they’d like to see.

If you have access to money please consider donating to our wepay.  If you need to contact us regarding the rendezvous, email cef@riseup.net or croatanearthfirst@gmail.com

Please see this site for more information including tentative schedule, anti-oppression statement and guidelines: 

Help us promote in your town, downloadable posters here

Planned Trainings & Workhops Include:

Earth Skills track planned every day which may include wild & edible plants and medicines, foraging, firemaking, permaculture & gardening, homesteading, mushroom cultivation and foraging, tree identification.

Street Medic Training (please rsvp to cef@riseup.net) 20 hrs

Tree Climbing all day every day, building tree structures, & monopods

Ecospirituality Workshops & The Work That Reconnects, Creating Resilient Communities Despite Trauma

Panels on Biocentrism, Animal Rights & EF!, Nuclear Issues in the Southeast, Uniting Anti-Extraction Movements

Updates from Tar Sands Blockade and Buffalo Field Campaign

Earth First! Mechanics Guild teaches you how to fix your car and how to use cars in other ways as well as dismantling them in case of the Zombie Apocalypse

Music, dancing, poetry and performances encouraged and planned

Security Culture Workshops & Internet Security Discussions

Direct Action & Blockades Trainings (of course!)

Media Laiason & Police Laiason Trainings

Anti-Oppression Trainings and how to integrate it into your work locally

Discussions on decolonizing our movements

Radical Mental Health

What is Earth First!? for  welcomed newcomers

Mixed Martial Arts Self Defense

Mock Arrests and Extraction Exercises

Debunking The Technofix

Supporting Ecoprisoners

Fun, friends, and winning …hope to see you there!