It is Dane’s Birthday next Sunday!

Dane CofeeFrom Support Dane Rossman

So, hopefully Dane won’t get mad that we told y’all but it is his birthday next Sunday. Yes, on 5/19 Dane will be turning 26.  Since we have no idea when he will be transferred into Canadian custody you can send birthday wishes to Florence, AZ.

CADC Dane Rossman


PO Box 6300

Florence, AZ 85132

(please note CCA does not accept cakes in the mail, especially ones with files in them…)

Any ol’ story or note will do, it doesn’t have to be long- just so he knows how much we love him, and that we haven’t forgotten. He did mention the last time I visited that he kind of wishes he never let on he likes “bad jokes.” (What in world have you been sending him?)

Let’s try to come up with some actually funny ones yeah?

Thanks for your continued support…