RIP Smiley

queen smileyFrom ALKQN Support

Smiley was a warrior who defied death while in the hands of the cops, the prison guards, and the doctors.

This past Tuesday, April 9th, a beloved friend, comrade and integral woman in the ALKQN support coalition, Tracy Weyman, Queen Smiley as we called her, passed away in her sleep surrounded by her family. We are deeply devastated and shocked by her passing. We are asking for solidarity and support around her death, both for her family who was left behind to put a life back together, and for her family incarcerated through the RICO trial. Please consider donating to help with funeral costs through WePay or getting in touch with us.

Smiley was a warrior who defied death while in the hands of the cops, the prison guards, and the doctors. Some would say Smiley died because of who she was: a proud Latin Queen, inducted into the nation at the age of 13 in Chicago. After surviving multiple attacks, and becoming disillusioned with the direction of the Nation, she took a hiatus to raise her kids. Later in life, after meeting King J in Greensboro, Smiley returned to the Nation. It was in Greensboro that King J and Queen Smiley together led a fierce and beautiful Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation — a family in which people really support one another and defend one another’s lives as they would their own. However, in winter 2012 Smiley moved west. It was a year and a half after the police and feds raided Smiley’s house and imprisoned her housemates and King brothers in the RICO case against King J and six others. She felt returning to California was the best option to rebuild her family’s life after the trauma of daily harassment exhausted her support network in North Carolina.

Smiley also died because of how she lived. Smiley taught her family and everyone around her how to not live in fear, how to survive hostile situations, and how to not be swallowed up amidst the most vicious and relentless of enemies.

It is with the love of her life and the rage we feel at the news of her death that we ask you to remember Queen Smiley this Mother’s Day by organizing or participating in the call-out for noise demonstrations and solidarity actions for all women who are incarcerated.

For the Mother’s Day call-out click here.