Another ELF case set for trial in Eugene: Rebecca Rubin

r-rubin-undated-photoFrom Earth First Newswire

Alleged ELF activist Rebecca Rubin, who turned herself in last month at the Canadian border, plead not guilty today in a Eugene Court. According to a statement from her lawyer, “Rubin has not been co-operating with
authorities in terms of helping investigators find two others accused in the case.” 

Her trial is set for March 19.

Letters of support can be sent here for the time being:

Rebecca Rubin #2033855
Lane County Adult Corrections
101 West 5th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401-2695

For a complete description of mail regulations, check here.

The following is from an Associated Press article published recently:

Canadian woman pleads not guilty to ecoterrorism fires that did $40 million damage around West

A woman who turned herself in after a decade as a fugitive in the largest ecoterrorism investigation in U.S. history has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and arson charges in federal court.

Rebecca Rubin, a 39-year-old Canadian citizen, was ordered to remain in custody during the hearing Friday in Eugene, Ore.

Trial was set for March 19.

A federal indictment accuses Rubin of being a member of cells of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front… Investigators blame the group based in Eugene for 20 fires around the West that did $40 million in damage.

She turned herself in to the FBI last November at the Canadian border with Washington state. At the time, her lawyer said she wanted to get the case behind her.

The rest of the AP article can be found here


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  5. simcha613

    Just got off phone with her atty. Looks like she’ll be at the mercy of the judge to find/approve reasons for a downward departure, or else she must be sentenced to at least 60 months with the crap ass US Atty’s staff probably pushing for more, maybe 90 months 🙁

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