Send Birthday Cards To Anarchist Hacker Jeremy Hammond

hammond!Anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond is turning 28 on January 8th! A genuinely conscious web developer, Jeremy Hammond is accused of using his computer savvy to attack conservative groups and State operators. He is being charged with providing Wikileaks the documents for their latest Stratfor release. Please send him a birthday card this month! Unfortunately, We found out it was his birthday too late to include it in our January Birthday Poster. So please include him in your card writing nights.

Jeremy Hammond


MCC New York

150 Park Row

New York, New York 10007


  1. Carl Greer

    Thinking of you on your birthday – Occupy Kansas City

  2. Annamaria

    Just read this: Jeremy Hammond Faces Life Term For WikiLeaks and Hacked Stratfor Emails
    My comment: another genius behind bars!

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