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December 12, 2012

drums!December 31st, 7:30pm at the jail in downtown Durham, 217 South Mangum Street

Friends, family, and comrades,

For several years now, thousands of people have gathered on New Year’s Eve at jails and prisons around the world to show our solidarity with the struggles of those inside and our hatred for prisons and the world that creates them, and to dedicate the following year to abolishing this modern-day plantation system.

This year, folks from the triangle area will swarm on Durham’s downtown jail to show our love and support for that facility’s prisoners’ recent struggles (check out for more info), as well as for the myriad of other struggles going on around different facilities around North Carolina. All across NC prisoners are sharing radical ideas and literature, working to unite prisoners from different backgrounds, and protest their incarceration.

Most of this happens quietly and behind closed doors – but on New Year’s Eve, we will reflect their rage with our own cacophonous noise, reverberating loudly off the walls of Durham’s jail. Bring anti- prison banners and flags, drums, pots and pans, and anything that makes light and noise. Bring your hopes and visions for struggle in 2013, and your rage and anger for the prison system that locks up our friends, comrades, and family members.

See you there!
December 31st, 7:30pm at the jail in downtown Durham, 217 S. Mangum St.
anti-prison comrades

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