More Tales of Sadism from NC DPS: Prison Organizers Assaulted on Unit 1 at Central Prison

Apparently the struggle at Central Prison in Raleigh has taken a dire turn for the worst. Prisoners on Unit 1 at the facility, known for housing in segregation politically conscious prisoners who were active in various struggles including the Strong 8 and this year’s hunger strike have been facing retaliation by a sadistic group of guards calling themselves the “A-Team.”

Writes one prisoner on the unit, “Between November 17th and November 21st three convicts within my cell block have been brutally beaten while in full restraints for no justified reason. These brutal beatings are happening on shift and that is rotation A. ”

According to inmate reports, on November 18th, CO’s Logan, Hunt, Sergeant Oaths, and Lieutenant Soucer beat Haseen Eberett with their handcuffs, nightsticks, hands, and feet while he was in full restraints. Eberett was beat unconscious and thrown back in his cell bloody and in need of medical attention.

Then on November 21st, William Harris was beat in full restraints by CO’s Hunt, Boone, Logan, Oath, and Jones, while Lieutenant Blanks watched from his office along with Lieutenant Humpries. Writes one prisoner, “There have been numerous other beatings within the last two weeks by these officers,” who “call themselves the A-Team. The forementioned officers come to inmates’ cells telling them they have a visit, or have to go to medical. Once they get the inmate in the hallway, they beat them while the inmate is in restraints.

A prison organizer and former hunger striker from Unit 1 finishes, “All comrades that read this letter I want you all to know that the conditions at Central Prison at this time are dire, and it’s just a matter of time before an inmate is beat to death. Please help us in any way you can!”

These reports have been corroborated by multiple prisoners on the block. Stories of these beatings are just the most recent report of sadistic brutality on the part of NC DPS administrations, following the recent “leave” of Sampson CI’s warden and two CO’s after reports of sexual and racial assaults on a road gang surfaced.


  1. Teresa Gallop

    This has been going on inside NC prisons for decades, and nothing gets done about it. My name is Teresa Gallop and i am the woman that cried for help from NCCIW about the medical neglect. I am still seeking medical attention due to the lack of treatment while my incarceration. Why is the great state of North Carolina allowing this treatment to go on? They cant say they don’t know, because the beatings, the medical neglect, and any thing else that is not right has been bought to their attention. C/O that choose to beat an inmate do not deserve to have a job, they need to be punished for there crime,, just as the person they are beating has been punished, and placed there. Prison should be a form of rehabilitation, to help that person want to change their ways, not a place that is going to make them worse than they were before they went there. NO one is above the law, or anyone person better than the other, so society needs to get involved and help bring a change to the prison system, before your loved one is beaten,or found dead because of medical neglect!!! I have a paper trail from Raleigh, to Washington, DC and even to the center for Constitutional Rights in New York, and NO one would help me, WHY? Our great state had rather pay lawsuits for female inmates to have concentual sex with C/O than to fix the real problems that’s going on inside the walls of what is suppose to be CORRECTIONS, but instead its more corruption inside the prisons than on the streets, and its the staff that is corrupting the system. WHY? is this allowed to go on?

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