Sampson CI Prisoners Sue Facility for Racist and Sexual Assaults

The following is a from a letter that almost a dozen prisoners at Sampson CI in Clinton, NC have drafted and asked outside groups to help distribute. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Parker vs. Sampson CI, are six prisoners at the facility hoping to change the work conditions and punish the guards responsible.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you in regards of the mistreatment of racial, sexual, and demoralizing acts that are being forced upon us by the Correctional Staff at Sampson Correctional Institution overseeing Road Squad duties…

Officers at Sampson CI have forced other inmates, including myself, to ingest “exotic hot sauce” by the spoonful. This particular sauce can only be purchased on the internet or at specialty stores. The label reads, “Extremely dangerous for daily consumption. May cause, death, burns, throat ulcers, and stomach blisters.”

Only after consumption of this ‘hot sauce’ are we permitted to work, to receive gain time of nine days and daily pay of 70 cents. Most if not all of the workers need this small income. While at work the officers are continuously forcing us to do racist, homosexual, and demoralizing acts to ourselves and each other, for payoffs such as cigarettes, beers, food, and drinks.

This detailed list is only a few of the incidents that have occurred; there have been numerous. Some of the following are:

  1. Officers forcing three white men to force down a black man and grab his testicles and make him scream and swear that, “HE IS WHITE AND PROUD OF IT,” as we sit in a church parking lot.
  2. Forcing inmates to pull down their pants and boxers so the officers can witness us applying hot sauce directly on our rectums and testicles, which leaves blisters on the skin and in some cases leaves the skin raw for days.
  3. Forcing a black man to grab a white man from behind and initiate homosexual gestures of pleasure, while biting his back.
  4. Forcing us to catch deadly snakes and kiss them in the mouth.
  5. Forcing us to catch rabbits and field mice for the sole purpose of throwing them in front of on-coming traffic to see them killed.

Please understand, that these are just a few of the many things we are forced to do (on road squad)…

We are currently afraid of being around these officers for fear of retaliation of some sort. The facility may ship us to different locations across the state to keep us from being close to our families, to ‘sweep’ this under the rug.

They have been trying to deter us from seeking legal assistance, but this is our only hope of correcting a major situation of injustice; while violating our religious and civil rights. Our families are standing behind us but there is only so much they can do.

We feel that the media should know about this in efforts to help others in the future. Once again we are seeking legal assistance as a group. This is not a crime against Blacks, Whites, Indians, or Hispanics. These crimes are against all of us and we all need your help to put an end to these types of actions.

In closing, we thank you for you help.


the Road Squad inmates

Sampson CI

700 N. West Blvd.
Clinton, NC 28329

252 592 2151


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  4. bee

    My bf is there and hes been wrote up because he was black and also shipped out several times for nothing

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