News from Lanesboro CI

(news from the inside)

“On September 28th, an inmate at LCI was stabbed to death, and another was also stabbed and in critical condition for trying to save the dying inmate. Since then, prisoners were put on Level 1 Lockdown and left without showers, cantenn, cell clean up, phone calls, visitation, showers, or recreation. On october 5th the institution gave prisoners two showers a week along with canteen, though the rest of the lockdown was still in effect.

I’ve been stuck in my cell since September 28th even though I’m on regular population. My self along with about 75 other prisoners still haven’t had the opportunity to celan our rooms or get hair cuts or phone calls. We just recently got warm food, because when food is sent from the kitchen the COs take over an hour to serve it to us. By the time it is served it’s cold. When we complain we’re ignored. If we kick the cell doors the officer won’t come to see what the problem is; if we press our emergency call button the CO in the booth doesn’t tell the officers on the floor to check and see if the prisoner is OK. Population is still not allowed to get recreation and according to policies prisoners should get one hour rec every day for health purposes.

We are on the verge of going on a hunger strike again. Why do I have to suffer for what another inmate did? The superintendant wrote everyone a memo informing us that everything has been restored, yet still we are treated as is if we’re in segregation.”