Breaking: Portland police arrest suspect in incindiery attack on police cruiser

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From Portland Capitalist Media:

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Police have a suspect in custody they said threw a molotov cocktail at a police car early Monday morning as he rode past a precinct parking lot on a bicycle.

Sergey Yefimobich Turzhanskiy, 24, was arrested just after 1:30 a.m. after police said he threw a fire bomb at an unoccupied police cruiser parked in the North Precinct parking lot in the 400 block of NE Emerson Street.

Sgt. Andrew Edgecomb with Portland Police said several officers were coming into the precinct at the end of their shift when they heard a noise and a neighbor called out that someone was trying to firebomb one of the cars.

Turzhanskiy was apprehended a few blocks away by officers who chased him, Edgecomb said, and fire crews quickly put out the flames.

There was “minimal” damage to a police car, he said.

Police said Turzhanskiy is charged with attempted arson, possession of a destructive device, attempt to elude, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration.

Arson investigators with Portland Fire and Rescue are also looking into the incident. Turzhanskiy is due in court on Tuesday, according to police.

Edgecomb said so far he has no idea what the motive was behind the incident.