Less Than A Month Before NC Latin Kings Go To Trial, Funds Still Needed

From ALKQN Support

Show your support in this final stretch before trial!

We have less than a month before trial begins on October 15th, and we finally have a We Pay account up and running. Please consider donating any amount to help keep our legal line on, the defendants canteens full, and to help contribute to the fund for gas money and postage that is a weekly expense of doing legal defense support work. Keep checking back for a list of events we will be hosting in Greensboro leading up to the trial and for more information for showing up to the Winston-Salem Federal Courthouse on Monday, October 15th.


The Defense Coalition


  1. k patience

    send me an inbox wit more info ,, A.D.R. love kpatience423

  2. King N.o.r.e

    All yall brothers and sisters hold ur heads, I love to see my people coming together when shit hit the fan. King love peace to Black n Gold .

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