Call-in Day Against I-Con on Monday 8/20

A call-in day has been announced for Monday, August 20 in support of all prisoners who are suffering the inhumane form of punishment known as I-Con (Intensive Control) or solitary, and in particular the Strong 8 prisoners who are still in solitary.

Here’s a note from one of the Strong 8:
“I went to the DCA board today, and all of us were given six more months of ICON! I can’t believe it! I haven’t received any infractions, or caused any trouble. I haven’t given no reason to be kept on I-Con. The FCC board recommended us to be released to regular population, but the warden over-ruled the recommendation and told the DCA board to keep us on ICON as an example. I have never seen such gross disregard of policy, and such blatant abuse of power. It’s ridiculous. As you know, all support, and acts of solidarity are truly appreciated. You and everyone else involved are truly a blessing.”

Sample script for calling Warden Lassiter (you can also modify for the director of prisons):

Warden Lassiter,

I am calling in regards to your facility’s use of solitary confinement (ICON status) to further punish politically active prisoners and hunger strikers. Specifically, I find it outrageous and unacceptable that you are using segregation on Unit 1 to politically retaliate against prisoners for their role in a recent hunger strike, as well as against members of the Strong 8 who, with no write ups or infractions, are being kept in solitary despite a recommendation for general population. There is no way to understand this except strictly as a political threat by your administration against other prisoners who would organize themselves.

Your use of solitary confinement betrays the lie that is segregation — the idea that it exists for security or safety is a clear farce. The world is finding out what you are doing at Central, other prisoners are learning about it, and the media is doing stories on it. Your use of sensory deprivation as a tactic of political intimidation disgusts me.

Solidarity with all striking prisoners

Central Prison Warden Ken Lassiter
phone: 919.733.0800
fax: 919.715.2645

Robert C. Lewis, Director of Prisons
phone: 919.838.4000
fax: 919.733.8272

Here’s a link to the post from the last call-in day for the Strong 8 if you want to use language from that.

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