Lack of Oversight Enables Prison Abuses

The following was written by a prisoner at Albemarle CI in Spruce Pine, NC. Though we may feel prisons are by definition “abusive,” rather than this abuse simply being the result of a lack of oversight, the broad matrix of institutions and individuals that oversee this abuse is worth considering.

The wide range of abuses committed by NC Division of Prisons employees against inmates continues to grow in scope and volume for one simple reason: the lack of effective and meaningful oversight.

Prison officials operate under the false premise that they are somehow above the law. This attitude is supported by a so-called justice system that almost always fails to prosecute these prison officials for even the most egregious offenses and violations of the law. A government-media complex that distorts facts and serves as a propaganda tool to misinform and sway public opinion further emboldens a prison system out of control.

The FBI and SBI refuse to seriously investigate civil rights abuses and criminal acts committed by prison officials against NC prisoners. On the rare occasions they do get involved, it is usually a tongue-in-cheek affair with a predetermined outcome and finding of “insufficient evidence.”

The AMA and NC Board of Nursing refuse to investigate professional and ethical complaints against the NC Division of Prisons Health Services Doctors and Nurses, enabling the deaths and horrible suffering of many NC prisoners.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the American Red Cross, the ACLU, and NGOs repeatedly ignore complaints of negligent death, torture, abhorrent conditions of confinement, and widespread abuse of men and women in NC prisons. These organizations will fly half-way around the world, spending weeks investigating the burning of a book, yet cite lack of time and resources as an excuse to forgo an investigation of a man who died in solitary confinement, dehydrated, malnourished, and incontinent because of the three inoperable brain tumors from which he was suffering (Joshua Overton).

This lack of oversight permeates nearly every aspect of life behind bars in the NC Division of Prisons. Until organizations and agencies responsible for oversight are held accountable for their actions and inactions, these abuses will continue to grow in scope and volume.

Those interested in learning more about the widespread abuses committed by NC Division of Prisons may contact:

Thomas Majewicz 0298431

600 Amity Park Rd.

Spruce Pine, NC 28777