A Statewide Conference: Our Responsibility to Oppose The Abuse of State Power “Moving Together Towards a More Humane Society”

Saturday, April 28th from 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM
Dynacon Event Center
2100 E. Wendover Ave. Greensboro NC

Several North Carolina-based grassroots organizations are organizing a day-long summit about the abuse of state power in the United States and our responsibility as people living in communities across our state to organize. Our objective is to help build a powerful movement to create a more humane, just society. All are welcome to come and participate in a broad-ranging discussion of issues including: racially-targeted mass incarcerations; increasing attacks and repression against Latinos and Muslims; torture and extraordinary rendition; police brutality, misconduct and corruption; solitary prison confinement as torture; repression of dissent, abuse of the RICO statute, and other related issues.

We will discuss how these processes form part of a dangerous political trajectory, and how we can mobilize greater numbers of people to oppose them. Our aim is to help people connect to each other as part of a diverse movement for a more humane and equitable society.

Chicago-based civil rights attorney, Flint Taylor, who has represented victims of Chicago police commander Jon Burge, will speak on how he and others broke through official silence and “by-standerism” to create accountability for 30 years of police torture of African American men in the Chicago area.

The event is free but donations would be appreciated. Please share this announcement via E-mail, Facebook, other electronic means, as well as word of mouth.


For More Information Contact: Lewis Pitts at 336-275-0840