Update on the Foothills Prison Hunger Strike

(The following was submitted Thursday, February 23rd from one of the strikers)

On February 1st, 2012, comrades began an indefinite hunger strike here at Foothills CI in demand of full portions and adequate food. This was a modest demand given the number of other things that were occurring at the time. A few days after the initial strike began, another small amount of strikers joined in solidarity. There was no leader of these strikes, making it difficult for prison officials to target the head.

The demand of full portions and adequate food was met temporarily. This shows that the solidarity of our movement and the actions of the comrades must intensify if we want long-term results. Also in the midst of the strike there were individual desires being intertwined with the overall objective. The overall demands from the December strike (another strike had occurred in December) must stand firm and selfish desires must not intervene.

One tactic used once again was separation of the strikers. This produces discouragement among strikers and must be known to not repeat. The only demand of this small strike was the demand of full portions and adequate food on food trays. This demand was met temporarily, after which the food began to dwindle again. Overall the food trays are healthy and nice-size portions. I believe strikers may be looking to see if this method will work and they themselves can actually get results. It shows that once solidarity is made, results will be inevitable. Our mission shall go on until the living conditions in every pen of oppression are humane and bearable. Our demand spectrum shall increase and widen, and with total solidarity we shall prevail!

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  1. brandon elps

    stand up against the man,if that dont wor im sure 1000 inmates can come up with someting better…….riot

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