Durham Joins Noise Demos Against Prisons and Jails Around the World

At 8pm on December 31st, Durham joined a long list of dozens (and perhaps hundreds?) of towns and cities around the world to protest prisons and jails on New Year’s Eve. Done to raise prisoners’ spirits and dedicate the year toward fighting the State, folks screamed at the walls, banged on drums, chanted “Our Passion for Freedom is Stronger than their Prisons”, and banged on street signs.

Police showed up soon, but were more or less hands off. Prisoners reacted by banging on windows and flashing lighters in unison with the music from their cells. At the end of the demo, the crowd lied down in the street to spell a giant, human “HAPPY NEW YR” with their bodies, so as to be visible from the top floors of the 7 story building.

Spelling out Happy New Year

Spelling out a human “Happy New Yr” greeting

See short videos of the demo (note these were taken on a cell phone, so are not high quality, but give you an idea of the NOISE)

A list of some of the cities participating can be found at http://anarchistnews.org/node/21236

The original call for the demos can be found at http://www.anarchistnews.org/node/19695?asid=a34bff6a

Much love to prison rebels everywhere!

Until every cage is empty…

NYE Noise Demo-Drum 12-31-2011

Drumming in front of Durham Jail, 12/31/11

NYE Noise Demo at Durham Jail

Demonstrating outside the Durham Jail on 12/31/2011