PROTEST POLICE STATE CHAPEL HILL! Demo Announced for November 21st

On monday November 21st there will be a protest starting at the Chapel Hill Police Headquarters and going to Town Hall, both on Martin Luther King Drive, in opposition to the police repression against the occupation of 419 W. Franklin St. The call for the protest is below:



Why are we protesting?

*The police and mayor value profit over people.*  Occupiers peacefully entered and cleaned up an unlocked building that had been abandoned by its absentee owner for over a decade.  They danced and celebrated, presented plans for a free community space, shared free food, and held open meetings to discuss possibilities.  In response, a paramilitary squad threatened their lives while the mayor trumpeted the need to defend private property at any cost.  We demand that human need take precedence over private greed.

*The police were prepared to use lethal force.*  The SERT officers did not wear riot gear or carry weapons intended to disperse crowds, such as tear gas and batons, nor did they attempt to negotiate or deliver warnings.  They entered carrying assault rifles and handguns with live ammunition and extra clips, prepared to kill people ? even though no one in the building had weapons of any kind, as the police admit.  We demand that paramilitary police units never threaten our lives and communities again.

*The intensity of the repression was based on political beliefs.*  The police department’s press release justified the potentially lethal force used in the raid by claiming that ?known anarchists? were involved in the occupation.  They also claimed that the presence of ?literature? prompted them to attack and arrest the unarmed occupiers.  When the state declares the presence of literature and the alleged political beliefs of a group of people a legitimate basis to repress and threaten to kill them, fascism has arrived.  We demand an end to state repression based on literature or political beliefs.

*Sunday’s raid showed the brutal reality of policing in Chapel Hill.*  The assault rifles and SWAT gear didn’t arrive to town brand new on Sunday.  These violent tools and tactics are used all the time in Chapel Hill, mostly against poor people and communities of color.  Sunday was only unique in how obvious and public the repression was, and in its targeting of a diverse group based on presumed political beliefs rather than along the familiar racist and classist lines.  We demand an end to the daily violent police repression that goes on in our community.

*The mayor and town council are complicit.*  Despite massive public opposition and international media coverage embarrassing Chapel Hill, Mayor Kleinschmidt and nearly all town council members have lined up to support this inexcusable police action.  They have praised the absurd and potentially lethal use of force against their own constituents, including reporters, legal observers, passersby, and peaceful occupiers.  We protest any effort to excuse a police state, and condemn the police chief, mayor, and town council for their reprehensible conduct.

*This raid connects to repression of the Occupy movement across the country.*  Chapel Hill police shared strategies and coordinated with law enforcement agencies across the state and nation in an effort to crack down on the Occupy movement everywhere.  As this social movement grows and begins to threaten the privileges of the 1 percent, their armed defenders are working together to prevent us from becoming powerful.  They try to label us ?good? or ?bad? protestors to divide us, and when that fails they simply obliterate our occupations with brute force.  We protest to defend all Occupy actions against the wealthy, the police and the politicians.

**We stand united with occupations everywhere against all state repression.**
**Let’s show that we won’t stand for a police state in Chapel Hill!**


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