PERT Assaults Prisoners and Confiscates Medications; Prisoner Suffers Heart Attack

We have received word that on August 16th the Assistant Superintendant of Lanesboro CI in Polkton, NC called in the Prison Emergency Response Team (PERT) to his facility. PERT is essentially a statewide riot squad designed specifically to respond to unrest at NC prisons. 

PERT was called in, apparently, to respond to a protest by several prisoners on the Anson Unit (where maximum and intensive control status prisoners are held). Guards were continuously leaving their shifts without feeding the prisoners, and several prisoners responded to this by lighting fires on their unit.

Once called in, PERT maced, assault, and chained up prisoners on the unit, and then confiscated everything from personal items, books, and legal materials to essential medications and even bedding. In addition to preventing several practicing Muslims from participating in Ramadan, the confiscation resulted in one prisoner, who is on heart medication, having a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital.

Though some of the property was returned, much has been misplaced due to guards’ negligence.